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Sagas of the Icelanders +1

Primetime Adventures? Sundered Land? D&D Next?

– lior 2013-08-08 14:09 UTC

I really enjoyed My Life With Master and 3:16, and am currently running Monsterhearts (and it’s awesome). I can also recommend Mouse Guard, Don’t Rest Your Head, Poison’d, and In a Wicked Age (although I haven’t personally run them, just read ’em).

Ynas Midgard 2013-08-08 19:41 UTC

A ton of interesting suggestions also on Google+.

Lior, too bad Sagas of the Icelanders isn't out yet. PTA doesn’t fascinate me that much because I hardly watch any TV. All the TV specific details are wasted on me.

I have heard nothing about Sundered Lands, so why not.

As for D&D Next, the problem it faces is that it has to be significantly better than the existing editions of D&D I am playing. At the moment I doubt this is the case.

Ynas, we played a few sessions of My Life With Master, it was OK; we played one session of 3:16 and it wasn’t very popular; we played one or two sessions of Monsterhearts and I didn’t enjoy it very much. I think I just don’t appreciate teenage Angst and romance. Mouse Guard we tried and it wasn’t very exciting even though it looks gorgeous; Don’t Rest Your Head we tried once, it was a strange and weird and I felt that we just didn’t know what to expect, what to do. It was just weird and we had no purpose. We played two or three sessions of Poison’d and it was great and it was terrible. I hated myself for doing all the evil deeds and in general the story we experienced left a bad taste in my mouth. I think this game makes it too easy to play the kind of story that I don’t want to experience. We played a lot of In A Wicked Age. It ended up being our default game if we didn’t have any other plans. I still like it very much. All in all I think I’m really looking for games that were published after Apocalypse World because for a while we were very active and played a lot of different games.

I think I need to make a big list of all the recommendations on Google+ and find all the reviews and stuff.

Also, I just saw a few pictures from the gorgeous Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok. And I read a review of Fate of the Norns: Fafnir’s Treasure. Damn. I think I’d like the art and the setting, but the system... I don’t know. Looks like D&D 4E with runes? Oh well, I ordered Fafnir’s Treasure...

Ok, some of the suggested games from the Google+ thread.

The Quiet Year is a “map game”. I wonder what that means. In a way I’m interested in peaceful building games, then again I didn’t like How We Came To Live Here too much.

G x B has “dating sim style play, including love confessions, dialogue choices and more!” Since I never played the Sims, let alone a dating sim, I must assume that I’m outside the target audience. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try for a one-shot, however. Perhaps I’d have to drink a glass or two before play. There’s also a Star Wars option: Jedi x Sith. Perhaps we should play that instead? That reminds me of the Star Wars Lady Blackbird hack that we never played. Or did we and I just forgot about it?

Vast & Starlit is a science fiction game “under 445 words long”. I don’t exactly know what the game is about, however. Plus, I’d have to physically mail the author two dollars and do some drawings in order to get it. I think that’s funny, but at the same time I’m also lazy...

The Sundered Land is “a series of 5 single-page games plus 2 supplements set in the Sword & Sorcery ruins of the future.” From the looks of it, it seems more like each game is “an encounter” of some sort? Or more of a story telling game like 1001 Nights: a game of enticing stories which didn’t excite me too much when we last talked about it.

Murderous Ghost is a two person game and therefore probably not suited for our “system curious evening” unless we use a setup of multiple pairs of players. Would it be too weird?

Psi*Run sounds weird, but the play report sounds interesting. I’m interested.

Night’s Black Agents is spies vs. vampires with a GUMSHOE system, ie. investigations. The review has more. Somehow the investigative games just don’t excite me.

Novanta Minuti is “a game for 3 players about the relationship between a father and a son, and what could be their last chance to meet.” I think three players is not enough for us...

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is “a slapstick fantasy storytelling game about helping people and getting into trouble.” It uses black and white stones, keywords, and other weird mechanics. I’m interested!

The Daughters of Verona, a comedy based on the Montsegur 1244 framework. I’m interested.

Burning Opera, a sad story telling game about actors dying in a fire


I’m still interested in Torchbearer but weary of the Burning Wheel family of games. They failed me at the table, I felt. Here’s a good review by Gus L.

AlexSchroeder 2014-03-08 11:20 UTC

A ton of suggestions in a new thread started by Eric Nieudan on Google+.

– AlexSchroeder 2016-07-29 15:58 UTC

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