Comments on 2013-08-21 Moldvay Dungeon Stocking vs. Seclusium

Excellent post. I always use the Moldvay dungeon stocker, though in its BECMI iteration. Random generators <i>work<i>.

noisms 2013-08-21 16:11 UTC

Thanks for posting this. I’m really impressed by the discipline that goes into creating a game notebook like that, too. It will end up as a fascinating artifact of play by the time it is filled up. In contrast, my notes are scattered all over the place, on scraps of paper, and various files all over my computer.

Brendan 2013-08-21 17:47 UTC

Thank you both.

As for the game notebook, I think the key is that you need to have it (having an empty notebook lying around makes it easy to pick it up and write there instead of some random scrap of paper), to liberally glue any other notes you made into it, to use it at the table as well: start with the list of characters present, use it for monster hit-points when fighting, add your notes about things you need to check after the session (updates to the campaign wiki, for example). I’m not scanning those pages because they look far less impressive. Then, when you prep for the next session, just keep using the notebook. Review stuff, write some new things. Compared to a wiki, it’s hopelessly disorganized. Compared to a binder, it’s inflexible and cannot be reorganized. But it’s the One Book to rule the campaign. This works particularly well if you run multiple campaigns. Each has its own notebook.

AlexSchroeder 2013-08-22 08:01 UTC

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