Comments on 2014-04-30 Independent Existence of Imaginary Worlds

An example for the embellishment of simple magic weapons from recent treasure hauls in my campaigns:

  1. a magic sword +2 turns into this: a magic sword +1 of dwarven make, imbued with old brass magic, engraved with the following, “I, Ebverberdzhel, <Red Veins in Stone> have forged this blade instead of a third son”
  2. a simple mace +1 from the cold dead hands of an evil priest in a temple to a god of madness turns in this: a black magic mace +1 where the weight is in fact a demonic horned head that starts calling for death and mayhem as soon as it sees any light; at night its murmurs of bloodshed and madness can be heard by the sleepless

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