Comments on 2015-10-31 Reputation, again

I just thought... maybe the problem is more one of control? Give the PCs a sheet and let them decide how to align themselves? Or they have a few points at the start of the career and can get more by using contacts and questing for different factions... wich could lead to loss at other factions. Depending on how they spent their points, they either add to the ones gained by the quest or the lower the negative effect on an opposing factions... This could be done mechanically or via social encounters. Let’s say the PCs raided a warehouse of the thievesguild. The paladin gets a point he adds to the good standing with the police force, even further alienating the guild, while the thief gives gold and information to the guild to lessen his loss in reputation with the guild (maybe by roleplaying how he convinces the guildmaster that having one who the police regards as “reformed” is more worth than whatever was in the warehouse... “Oh, and by the way, they put the crates with the drugs in cell number 3...”) Just my 2 cents.

rorschachhamster 2015-10-31 10:08 UTC

Indeed, making it more visible, and giving players more control. A good point!

– AlexSchroeder 2015-10-31 13:09 UTC

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