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Now that I’ve been on Octodon for a bit, I feel like the local timeline is not at all what I typically care about, so perhaps that means it is time to look for greener pastures elsewhere? And of course there is no way to check a local time line unless you sign up, and once you decide to move, there is no way to delete your account.

– AlexSchroeder 2017-04-13 05:34 UTC

Is there a “how to use micro blogging?” I think there isn’t. Or none that I know of. Ideally, you signed up to an instance that is sort of into something you are interested in, and then you look at the local timeline and reply to random people, and follow them if what they say is interesting enough for you to want more. And if that doesn’t bring you joy after a day, then short form blogging like Twitter, Mastodon, or GNU Social just isn’t for you in 2017?

– AlexSchroeder 2017-04-13 20:43 UTC

The reason I think about the “right” instance is because I think a local timeline with folks that share a common interest makes it easier to find new people to follow. That’s harder to do if the local timeline is in a different language, or people who don’t share my interests. And since the locals decide which toots get imported from other instances the federated timeline is similarly affected. Picking the right instance is important.

– AlexSchroeder 2017-04-14 20:14 UTC

Preview local and federated timelines of Mastodon instances without signing up, by Kevin Marks.

Now go through the complete list??

– AlexSchroeder 2017-04-15 20:10 UTC

Interesting tootstorm by Edward Morbius.

– AlexSchroeder 2017-04-17 16:37 UTC

Mastodon, Twitter and publics 2017-04-24 by Kevin Marks.

– AlexSchroeder 2017-04-24 16:14 UTC

If you want to run a game on Mastodon: Have the referee make a new account. Then, if I’m participating in that game, I just start my post by @’ing the referee. Then, unless you also follow the referee, you won’t see it. [1]

Note that the referee account always has to come first!

Hashtags won’t work because some clients like Amaroq don’t support it. On the web, click on the “sliders” button on the top right of the home timeline. Put #rp\b" in the regular expression filter, in the “Advaced” section. Filtering multiple topics, use (weather|dogs|#rp\b|green) The \b means “end of the word”, in order to filter out #rp, while sparing #rpg. [2]

– Alex Schroeder 2017-04-24 20:12 UTC

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