Comments on 2017-04-27 Record Keeping

“...become hostage to the worst thing you’ve ever done” does hit the nail on the head. There has always been a tension between forgetting and remembering. We are already hostages to the worst things we’ve done, does it really matter if others also know the worst thing we’ve done?

You are right to say that we have not learned to deal with this kind of openness. However, younger folks who’ve grown up with Facebook and ubiquitousness of cameras and recording devices are working out their own evolutionary responses to this.

IMHO, in the final analysis, it appears that the benefits of remembering outweigh the harm it brings. Whether this opinion is my own or something that the powers-that-be have trained me to have is an open question.

AlokSingh 2017-05-10 07:48 UTC

I think the important thing is forgiveness, not forgetting.

– d 2019-05-01 03:43 UTC

Both of you seem to imply that in the future, people will learn to forgive, and for a while that is what I expected to happen as well. But that I look around myself, I see that people have adapted in a different way: their social media is filled with fake images of themselves, fake authenticity performances, fake values, fake virtue signaling, fake interests, and all the rough edges and ugly truths are buried and hidden and kept as secret as can be.

As for the value of remembering: I’m thinking of our brains not remembering everything but curating memory, remembering the things that had emotional value, reconstructing memories from fragments, and so on. This blog, keeping a curated selection of things, posted when I felt it was worth it, seems like a good compromise. It does depend on the more ephemeral and useless social media posts to expire, however.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-05-01 21:45 UTC

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