Comments on 2018-03-06 Generating Music

Another weird idea: “P22 Music Text Composition Generator” somehow translates letters to notes, using some sort of music font. Sadly, it requires Flash. – Alex

I would also like a project where I get to use Fennel, a Lua Lisp Language. @technomancy wrote up a blog post about what Fennel is, how it works, and why it’s so interesting, in which a compiler gets its wings.

Perhaps I need to check List of languages that compile to JS again.

– Alex

It’s late at night and I’m listening to more weird music, semi generated or something. Terry Riley’s In C; and I’m reading the article that promises to explain this all. I’m fascinated by “a form of music where these kinds of open ended processes are front and center”. replied: «If you like “In C” (or at least the concept behind it), i also recommend “Canto ostinato” from Simeon ten hold (available on yt) or “Drumming” (and other stuff) from Steve Reich. (Haitian) Vodou drumming also shares the concept of small, combined patterns. A bit like the unix command line ;) There is also “In D” from Arandel, which is completely different but also very nice imho.»

– Alex 2018-03-08 06:42 UTC

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