Comments on 2018-05-24 Feeds

Another thing I noticed on your default feed is it includes comments (I like that!). Is there a way Oddmuse can combine the full feed with comments in full? Call it the “deluxe” feed, if you will!



– At PresGas at freeradical dot zone 2018-05-25 17:21 UTC

I noticed that my markup rule for Mastodon accounts assumes all lower case for account names. Heh. 😏

– Alex Schroeder 2018-05-25 22:20 UTC

I’ll have to investigate the full feed thing. It should be possible for sure.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-05-25 22:21 UTC;full=1 Perhaps?

– Alex Schroeder 2018-05-25 22:22 UTC

Hey! I believe that does it. Trying it out on newsboat/newsbeuter (haven’t fully migrated my server to 18.04 Xubuntu) shortly, but Firefox’s view looks good

– At PresGas at freeradical dot zone 2018-05-26 02:12 UTC

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