Comments on 2018-11-10 Manual Pages

I’ve done something similar using BASH functions. I first saw these in a comment on hackernews, and have simply taken them wholesale.

mdless() {
      pandoc -s -f markdown -t man $ | groff -T utf8 -man | less
umedit() { mkdir -p ~/docs/linux_stuff/knowledge; vim ~/docs/linux_stuff/knowledge/$; }
um() { mdless ~/docs/linux_stuff/knowledge/"$1"; }
umls() { ls ~/docs/linux_stuff/knowledge; }

However, these leave a little to be desired in terms of completeness. I’ve been mostly satisfied with them so far though!

– reed 2018-11-12 20:37 UTC

Hah, to translate from Markdown to man is genius. :)

– Alex 2018-11-13 06:22 UTC

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