Comments on 2019-04-07 Using magit and forge

Fair enough. But some comments.

When I did that, it told me that it was going to create a token in ~/.authinfo and if I didn’t want that, I’d have to abort and configure auth-sources.

Seems reasonable to inform you that the default is not safe. Since I have no control over the default that’s the best I can do.

BUG: missing headers

There is a severe bug in Emacs and once again this is completely beyond my control. This is going to haunt me forever because it will take half a decade for almost everyone to update to the (as of now unreleased) version of Emacs that fixes that bug.

Turns out that the token was created on the site, but the line was missing in my ~/.authinfo.gpg.

The above bug kicked in at a very unfortunate time. There is no way for me to make this change atomic. Telling Github to create a new token succeeded, but then the bug prevented Emacs from receiving the token and storing it locally.

And got the error: “transient--layout-member: magit-dispatch is not a transient command”.

It means you haven’t updated Magit in a long time. The version you have installed is to old to be compatible with Forge. I have now added some safety-nets that should prevent that when installing Forge from Melpa. It will probably take a few hours for them to become active and won’t help if you have already installed Forge. Just make sure to update Ghub, Magit and Forge to the latest snapshots.

By now I’m sick and tired of the entire thing. I remember why using special clients written to new APIs is a pain.

Fair enough. Though I would like to point out that many of these issues are beyond my control.

For the moment, this doesn’t seem to be better than using either the websites directly, or an email based git workflow and keeping track of issues elsewhere.

The setup process was painful but it would be a shame to give up now. You didn’t actually get a change to see whether the current implementation would already be an improvement for you. (Which it might not, many features are still missing.)

Cheers, Jonas

Ps: I wish bug reports came with such a clear description of what the user tried and how things failed.

– Jonas Bernoulli 2019-04-10 11:08 UTC

No worries. I will try again when I get Emacs 27.

– Alex Schroeder 2019-04-10 11:41 UTC

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