Comments on 2019-07-21 Not trusting a Mac

Just so you know I dislike this complexity in all systems, here’s what happened to me today with my GNU/Linux laptop: I pulled out the SD card including the adapter from my camera, marvelled at it, pulled the micro (?) card out of the adapter, showed it to my wife, put it back, and plugged it into my laptop. I heard the typical beep-bop sound, but the drive didn’t mount. I removed the card and heard the typical bop-beep sound. Repeated it a few times, but it didn’t mount. I asked for help on Mastodon, got some good replies, with ideas ranging from lsblk to mount to fdisk. But the thing that fixed it was trying the same thing on the Mac, seeing that it failed, pulling the micro card out of the adapter and inserting it again, and then trying it all over again. And then it worked.

So, the problem was that something about the contacts in the card adapter was good enough for the laptop to recognize a card but not good enough to recognize a filesystem on it? Or something? And the suggestions revealed the abyss of layers upon layers of architecture required to make external drives and plug-and-play and USB all work. And for a short moment, I wanted it all to just go away. What have we done?

– Alex Schroeder 2019-07-21 21:22 UTC

Every problem in computing can be solved by adding another layer of indirection, except the problem of having too many layers of indirection.

Ed Davies 2019-07-22 10:49 UTC


– Alex Schroeder 2019-07-22 14:10 UTC

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