Comments on 2019-09-18 Black and white photography

These are beautiful. Love these, Alex!

Eugene Eric Kim 2019-09-18 17:33 UTC

Eugene! Long time no see! Thank you for the comment. Whenever I feel insecure about my pictures I remember a very old blog post of yours where you wrote about telling a story in a picture. That’s advice that keeps pushing me because by nature I think I just like landscapes and texture and colors and that’s nice but … not a story.

Oh, and eating horse meat, of course! 😅

– Alex Schroeder 2019-09-18 18:28 UTC

Yeah, those have come out very well! Not to geek out too much, but what sort of camera are you using?

Anne 2019-09-18 23:51 UTC

I have an Olympus E-P5 with the 17mm f/1.8 M.Zuiko lens. The camera is a bit on the large side, but the 17mm is nice and small.

I also carry around an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm 1:4.8-6.7 II, which makes the entire bag very heavy and bulky. 😭

But consider this: I’m picking the images I like from a pool of nearly a thousand images, if I remember correctly. So what did I end up picking?

144Olympus E-P5
51iPhone 6s
168iPhone 8

So where as my old iPhone 6s is a loser, my wife’s iPhone 8 is beating the Olympus E-P5. I guess those phone cameras really are going to win in the end!

Hm, now that I think about it, I think I should set them in context! Thus, here are the pictures in my folder:

306Olympus E-P5
176iPhone 6s
595iPhone 8
5other (WhatsApp, Screenshots)

And so, dividing one by the other to determine the success rate based on the camera model:

47%Olympus E-P5
29%iPhone 6s
28%iPhone 8

Argh! Now I’m confused. The problem is of course that the iPhone 8 was usually operated by my wife. So I guess in terms of iPhone successrate, there’s no difference between the pictures taken by either of us.

It’s still possible I only get out the bigger camera when there’s something more interesting to see and thus Olympus pictures have a higher success rate because of it. 🤔

I guess... the conclusion to draw is... uh... what I’m doing is rubbish statistics! 😭

– Alex Schroeder 2019-09-19 08:16 UTC

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