Comments on 2019-11-16 Boomers and Generation-X

@stevefoerster wrote a blog post on the same topic: Focus On What You See, where he argues:

in the epic ’90s sci-fi series Babylon 5, Commander Sinclair remarks, “Ignore the propaganda. Focus on what you see.” To do that requires retraining one’s mind to resist the collectivism of seeing people in terms of the groups to which they belong, and instead think of them first and foremost as individuals, with all the extraordinary potential variety that entails.

A good point! Labels are shorthands to communicate concepts and when I read the post it just speaks to me – so much of it I feel is true. These are words I found to describe myself. To then turn around and pick on boomers in general would be foolish. I agree with Sinclair. 😀

In addition to that, I have often wondered: what happened to the generation of 68 – was all the talk of peace and love just focused on private life? Leaving the political field to the right? Or did the right maneuver the left into the decision of “centrist or terrorist?” (RAF in Germany, for example)

@galaxis reminded me of the fact that “both Boomers and young GenXers drove the peace- and environmental movements during the 1980s.”

@holger joined in and reminded me of the fact that these were “movements … of progressive groups. Enough people were just not part of that or alienated by it.”

A generation is always made up of many people and those whose story get told are not always the victors, and not always the majority.

In any case, I remember that as kids we used to say on the school yard that politics was shit and ideologies were shit and all the -isms were shit. We were totally focused on cultiver notre jardin (Candide, Voltaire). Little did we suspect that the political opposition did not mind this at all. At least that is how I see it now, looking back. And when we did focus on school and work we ended up loving the neoliberal agenda no matter what we said.

@Jens had a different take, arguing that they won. “They shifted the Overton window, thus making themselves centrist.” The example he provided was Jack London who was considered by some to be a leftist and a progressive and yet a racist and a supporter of eugenics. I recommend reading the Wikipedia page.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-02-02

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