Comments on 2020-04-10 Monsters and Spells for Just Halberds

This is a very tight way of stating monsters; I like it very much.

Having small HPs for heroes and enemies is good to maintain the numbers low and ease the use of maths. It also keeps the battles tense and short, combatants can die fast if they are not careful. Oh, and the heart icon is perfect. šŸ˜ All this reminds me of Zelda, in a good way.

We can also apply to monsters the format used by D&D +1/+3 vs somebody magic weapons. For example:

One final idea is to link HPs to monsters abilities and bonuses. When a monster loses half its HPs it may lose one special ability or get its roll penalized.

ā€“ Ludos Curator 2020-04-30 18:05 UTC

Yeah, that would work!

And yes, Zelda was an inspiration for the heart. 😀

ā€“ Alex Schroeder 2020-04-30 19:45 UTC

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