Comments on 2020-08-11 Hazard system

I too like reading the Hazard System.

However, I also feel like the problem it tries to solve first and foremost (reduce book-keeping) can be mitigated by having a cheat sheet that outlines all the necessary procedures. In other words, I think people tend to forget marking rations, torches, and whatnot is because no reminders are in front of them. Of course, once the procedures are ingrained, there’s less need to have cheat sheets, but sufficient boxes where you can mark resources would still be necessary (I mean, you need dedicated space on your character sheet for recording HP and XP, too, right?).

Ynas Midgard 2020-08-11 18:09 UTC

Nice link, I guess that’s where Megadungeon got it. It felt awkward to point something out that required someone to buy the magazine to understand the point. Plus your link has far more detail.

I like the hazard table because I can add things such as torch goes out (why? Water from the roof, someone keeps dropping it and it got wet, etc) in addition to normal tracking of torches. Rations disappearing doesn’t have to mean they were eaten, they might mean that someone just noticed (small hole in the backpack indicates it was sliced and rations stolen, the backpack is covered by spiders Indiana Jones style and they left some liquid on the rations, etc). The idea really opens up the Encounter Table to enable a living breathing environment.

Plus noises, smells, and footprints should be on encounter tables.

Ruprecht 2020-08-11 19:00 UTC

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