Comments on 2020-10-17 Switzerland’s exceptionalism

This article in German illustrates the problem: the cantons want the state to make unpopular decisions; the guy responsible wants to consult with the cantons and review the measures on Wednesday: still too early tell whether they worked, but not making any bold steps whatsoever, playing it by the book.

– Alex Schroeder 2020-10-24 21:35 UTC

I keep wondering about our politicians: they complain about the cost of everything. In December, for example, they reluctantly increased the budge for compensations from 200M CHF to 1000M CHF. But the same year, we authorized 6000M CHF to buy new fighter jets. I’d think spending the money on the pandemic makes more sense than spending it on the air force.

If they had used their fighter planes to stop the CIA planes transporting kidnapped people to torture in foreign countries – then perhaps I would have seen the usefulness of the planes. But no, spineless bootlickers don’t use the weapons they are given, “for the economy.” Or that time when Swiss air space was violated outside business hours and thus the French air force had to scramble… perhaps we should just buy air force as a service. More cost effective.

– 2021-01-08 13:28 UTC

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