Comments on 2020-11-05 Episode 34

I like the idea of royal jelly not actually having any magical or other positive properties. I’ve never liked false rumours on rumour tables (especially not the rumour tables where something like 80% are false), but I also feel like not every legend should turn out to be true. It could make for an interesting sort of adventure, too: “If the hives in the Valley of Bees aren’t left alone, the Insect God will send a swarm of locusts to devour the kingdom’s crops; but the king’s court is convinced the dying prince needs royal jelly to survive, and only making them believe otherwise can stop them from sending an army, if necessary.”

Malcolm 2020-11-06 03:17 UTC

Excellent idea. I like how that lays all the cards on the table and is still an interesting setup. And yes, I also dislike false rumors. Somewhat similar to your Valley of the Bees proposal, I much prefer explicitly false rumors with some hook for more, because then you can investigate. “They say Raspotonio, the prince’s sinister physician, is asking for royal jelly to cure the prince, but everybody agrees that this is not the whole story.” And then people can talk to other physicians, bee keepers, people that work in the royal household, and so on, and discover the plan to destabilize the city and dispose of the monarchy…

– Alex Schroeder 2020-11-06 09:23 UTC

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