Comments on 2020-12-18 New potions

Harry Potter’s books are a good source for potions, including ingredients. Veritaserum for forcing people to tell the truth. Polyjuice for transforming into somebody else. Felix felicis for maxing out on luck.

– Enzo 2020-12-23 09:52 UTC

I listened to all the audio books but all I remember is the polymorph potion. What I liked about potion brewing was that it seemed so full of accidents, special ingredients, and that it took so long. I’m not sure how to bring that into an adventure game, though. That’s why I no longer have potion brewing in my games. If you want it, suddenly you need a gold economy that works for the costs, time tracking to make the decision to brew a potion or not to brew a potion a relevant one, and so on.

I think the part I still like best is having monsters with body parts “worth 5000 gold to an alchemist” or alchemists searching for a particular rare magical plant. With that, the most adventurous part of potion brewing starts to make sense: missions to go monster hunting or exploring. 🙂

– Alex 2020-12-27 13:13 UTC

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