Comments on 2021-02-11 Transporting suspects

This is very cool!

The results are very gamable 😀

Again this is bias here but I really like the bullet point format Winters Daughter by Gavin Norman uses.

Could the output emulate that at all

For paragraphs I really like Guy Fullertons The Hyqous Vaults as an example. Its free to download and he has a great way of using short snappy sentences. The length never feels too long to get into your head at the table.

– Oliver 2021-02-11 20:51 UTC

Using bullets would be no problem at all, for Hex Describe. I think the problem is me: are bullet points very important if you have bold, italic, underline, and paragraph breaks to work with? I fear that the information for the quest broken up into three paragraphs (or bullet points) makes them “as important” as some of the other info. And I’m not sure how well that works for the reader.

Let’s try and compare it, though. @wandererbill also mentioned that he’d differentiate player info from referee info, somehow.

0403: This is Cov, UWP D99A356-8. There is a gas giant in this system.

Cov is larger than Earth, with a diameter of about 14400km. The atmosphere is very dense. The high levels of carcinogenic nano particles make filter masks mandatory.

A few thousand people live around the Cov starport. The settlement was originally a penal colony for Wifema (_0204_) and gained independence 50 years ago. The resentment is still strong among the locals.

When terrorists on Wifema (_0204_) turned out to be locals, it didn’t take long before the navy showed up, overthrew the old order on Cov, and installed a puppet government, currently led by Lan Gen. Curfews, patrols, interrogations, allegations of torture, and occasional revelations thereof provide fertile grounds for more shootings, more bombs, more assassinations. These are bad times.

Cov has a class D starport. All you can see is the toll house. The harbour master’s office is probably there as well. A bunch of clerks look up as you enter.

  • Patron: the harbour master Tajeddigt Tonui greets any new arrivals in person; they’re taciturn and grumpy.
  • Quest: the harbour master needs a ship to transport the murder suspect Alimah Khatibi to Wifema (_0204_) because capital crimes are usually judged there
  • Case: This is a case of domestic violence with the suspect accused of murdering their partner. The body has been found and the evidence is overwhelming.
  • “This case is as good as decided!” says Tajeddigt Tonui
  • “I’m innocent, I swear!” says Alimah Khatibi
  • Referee: In truth, however, the deed was done by a close relative and Alimah Khatibi is being framed

The locals are rich and well off. Economic refugees from neighbouring systems are welcomed for the internal labour marked needs plenty of new hands. At the starport, various agencies are trying to enlist all who came with low passage. The biggest of these agencies is the office of Ishizu Banking.

  • Patron: the boss of Ishizu Banking is supreme director Baron Ji Xiaodan
  • Quest: ...

I don’t know.

– Alex 2021-02-11 22:37 UTC

I dig the bullets!

These are super helpful to my eye!

– Oliver 2021-02-12 04:00 UTC

Compromise: using the sidebar?

Patron in the sidebar

– Alex 2021-02-12 21:16 UTC

I dig it Sidebars ftw

– Oliver 2021-02-14 20:23 UTC

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