Comments on 2021-05-22 Looking to buy a synthesizer

Grandmother is definetily a majestic beast, but dif you consider a Korg Prologue (or any of the “logue” series)? To me top quality : potential : price ratio. VCO + digital osc which can add ‘mods’ to the base syth.

Also on a €2k price tag you could check the Novation Summit, and the Sequential Pro 3.

DFAM is more hostile than you might think. Hard to tame if you don’t go with a beatstep pro or similar. No preset saving and monophonic. Requires a certain mind frame.

– Ton 2021-05-23 10:28 UTC

Thanks for the warning regarding DFAM! It did look weird in the videos I looked at. I wonder how I’d figure out whether I have the right mindset? I need a friend who has them all and let’s me borrow the equipment! 😄

I did see some recommendations for the Minilogue and Friends. I think my main problem would be that the hundred presets would lead down the road of trying them all, and installing more of them, playing a few lines, trying to figure out which one I liked best, all of that instead of turning the actual knobs and exploring the sound by myself.

The Novation Summit looks great but perhaps there just too many options in addition to what I said above. I think what I can comfortably explore right now is in the complexity range of the VCS3, or the Model D. Maybe a bit more, but all the other stuff, multiple filters, combining patches, I don’t know.

– Alex 2021-05-23 10:50 UTC

I think it’s pretty much decided, now. It’s going to be a Moog Matriarch. I’m still interested in DFAM, Mother-32, Subharmonicon, and Theremini, but they’ll have to wait. First things first. And who knows. Soon I’ll be unhappy with the headphones and I’ll be digging up the old stereo from the cellar where it’s been lying for seven years and then we’ll see. 😄

– Alex 2021-05-23

If you’re fine with the emulators, stay with them. They are more powerful and flexible than any synth. I get you want some tactile feedback so you can buy a midi controller (or many, for the price of any Moog device) like Akai MIDImix, full of knobs and faders. Your wife will thank me 😄

edkalrio 2021-05-25 18:13 UTC

Haha! 😀 Good point, actually!

– Alex 2021-05-25 20:40 UTC

On IRC, rnkn recommended Making Music, 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers, by Dennis DeSantis. Electronic formats available for free.

– Alex 2021-06-07 08:09 UTC

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