Comments on 2021-07-12 Preparing Japanese green tea for beginners

@Sandra wrote in to say the following:

“I use the bubble size method. I had a thermometer that could ring at certain tempetures, but I was sometimes frustrated because it was so laggy. Then it melted in a kitchen accident and I bought a new one that was easier to use, smaller, had a practical magnet etc etc, looked super snazzy... and it was even laggier! Completely useless!

“Also pro tip for tea steeping: it’s not just the temperature itself but the amount of oxygen in the water. As water boiles, oxygen leaves and then it takes hours and hours for it to get back in there. So water that has been boiled and then cooled down to an appropriate temp is no good. It gets bitter.”

– 2021-07-13 07:00 UTC

See also: A Very Quick Introduction to Japanese Tea Brewing, by @rrix.

– Alex 2021-07-13 19:10 UTC

The back of packaged green tea Here’s an example of some Shincha Yame.

Shincha (新茶), “new tea”, represents the first month’s harvest of sencha.Basically, it is the same as ichibancha (一番茶), “the first-picked tea”, and is characterized by its fresh aroma and sweetness.”Ichibancha” distinguishes “shincha” from both “nibancha” (”the second-picked tea”) and “sanbancha” (”the third-picked tea”). – From the Sencha page on Wikipedia

Here’s what it says on the German sticker:

Sencha-do preparation: 5–10g high quality Sencha/Gyokuro, pour approx. 1dl of 50–60°C warm water, let it steep for 45–60s, then pour into your pot; second and third steeping is 20–40s each; fourth steeping depends on your taste and the tea. European preparation: 12g–5 tea spoons/litre, 60–70°C, 3–4min.

I prefer the first option.

– Alex 2021-07-25 12:25 UTC

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