This is the site of Alex Schroeder. I'm interested in Emacs, Lisp, Wiki, and role-playing games. And lots of other stuff, too. Your best bet for contacting me is probably email:, or

Please encrypt your email, if you can.

Feel free to use Delta Chat (using my email address), Threema (ID upon request), Signal (using my phone number, if you have it), or Matrix.

If you want to donate some money because of software of mine, you can do this via PayPal or via Liberapay.

I wrote a Gmail, Gnus and GPG Guide, if you’re an Emacs user.


Please don’t leave a comment on this page if you want to contact me. Just use one of the methods listed on the Contact page. Thanks! 😁

– Alex Schroeder 2020-05-22 19:47 UTC