Alex Schroeder
Emacs, Lisp, Perl, Wiki, D&D
Dachslernstrasse 7
CH-8048 Z├╝rich
Cell: +41 78 6125175

Here’s how to reach me: or

Please encrypt your email, if you can. You should be able to get my public key from a key server.

alex@Megabombus:~$ LANG=en gpg --fingerprint 353AEFEF
pub   1024D/353AEFEF 2002-07-10 [expires: 2015-08-20]
      Key fingerprint = 92F1 9F7D D289 D4D8 CEAE  0427 7573 68E7 353A EFEF
uid                  Alex Schroeder <>
uid                  Alex Schroeder <>
uid                  Alex Schroeder <>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 5665]
sub   4096R/363A61EE 2013-08-20 [expires: 2015-08-20]

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