These are the extensions I use sometimes. I linked them here to speed up my next Firefox installation. :)

  1. Firefox – the browser itself. ;)
  2. GMarks – use Google Bookmarks on all my browsers
  3. Web Developer – identifying CSS elements, testing CSS changes
  4. Adblock – blocking not only images from certain servers but any kind of object including javascript or flash, based on patterns matching the URL
  5. Omnibar – merge location bar and search bar
  6. Status 4 Evar – merge address bar and progress bar
  7. Show Anchors – show anchors such that you can link to sections within a page
  8. Universal Edit Button – add an icon to edit wiki pages
  9. German Dictionary (Switzerland) – hah!
  10. HTTPS Everywhere
  11. Echofon – a Twitter client

How to disable compatibility checks in Firefox 6: “Type about:config in the address bar. Right click anywhere on the new window and select New → Boolean from there. A new box will appear where you need to type extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0. Set the value to false.”


  1. YSlow – provide hints on how to speed up page loading
  2. Live HTTP Headers – analyzing the HTTP traffic between browser and server; useful for testing HTTP caching code
  3. Tamper Data – something like Live HTTP Headers
  4. FireBug – more DOM exploring, Javascript debuggin and more; looks awesome

Here’s how to block content in Firefox with CSS by Workingbath. Basically download two CSS files [1] [2] to your profile/chrome directory and add two lines to the userChrome.css file in that directory:

@import URL("ad_blocking.css");
@import URL("sites.css");

I also no longer use the RSS feed reader Sage for which I had written my own patch to support ModWiki.

Other customization:

  1. use backspace as page-up – in about:config search for backspace, change it to ’1’


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