I think people should care about foreign affairs. Foreign affairs is about the foreign policy of your country, it is about migration, trade, human rights, power – and in the days of “globalisation” that just means that foreign affairs are more important than ever. Foreign affairs can affect your life sooner than you think.

How to write about this, however? A blog is the ideal way of collecting stray thoughts and ephemeral impressions. From these collections I shall attempt to distill greater insight. We need more news, and in order to defen against InformationOverload, we need people to read the news and filter it for other people. This is what I shall try to do as well. I also believe that we need more opinions, and arguments supporting the opinions. Democracy is not only limited to voting. Democracy is also about the institutions that allow deliberation. We need to find consensus and develop plans of action through interaction. Voting every now and then is not enough.

So that’s the plan:

  1. Collecting
  2. Filtering
  3. Opinion
  4. Arguments

Recommended reading: MondeDiplomatique.

I’ve chosen the following areas of interest for myself: USA, Iran, Iraq, Switzerland.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care deeply about Chechnia, Guatemala, Brazil, Morocco, Tunesia, etc. It just means that I don’t have the time to cover everything. I have to try and focus on something. There will be enough other stuff creeping in.

Update: All of this changed in 2007 when I turned into a HomoLudens.


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