Game Design

See JumpAndRunDesign, TacticsDesign.

Board Games

Chess: Ok, I confess – I suck at chess, and I am not really motivated to learn. If you ever need a book, I recommend Aron Nimzowitsch, “Mein System” (de) or “My System” (en). ISBN: 1880673851. Also for those of you who can’t handle dead trees so well, it seems that the Exeter Chess Club has very good online resources about nearly every aspect of play and learning Chess.

Games without Boards

I played 1000 Blank White Cards a few times. It was hilarious.

Gotta play Mafia one of these days. See 2004-03-09 Social Games. PS2). Shame on me! And didn’t finish Shenmue 2, either.


Been running MAME at work (w2k) and at home (Debian, including joystick!). Awesome! Been playing: ’’’Ghouls’n’Ghosts, Rtype II, Metal Slug II’. Get MAME here:


The one and only game I really loved on the PC was Comanche 2 and Comanche 3’’. See ComancheGame for some technical stuff on how to set up a DOS partition and run it.


The sad thing is that I never finish the games I do have. I work too much, and I already work only 60%! Eg. I still didn’t finish Metal Gear Solid (for the PS1), and haven’t even started on Metal Gear Solid 2 (for the PS2).


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