Names lists LocalNames.

Local text formatting rules in effect:

== foo ==                                 (subheading)
====                                      (underlining with ==== makes headings)
----                                      (underlining with ---- makes subheadings)
----                                      (by itself, a horizontal line)
++++                                      (empty space with centered yin yang symbol)
                                          (empty lines separate paragraphs)
 --                                       (en-dash)
---                                       (em-dash)
* foo                                     (list item)
# foo                                     (numbered list item)
[[foo]]                                   (local link)
[[image:bar]]                             (inline uploaded image from page bar)
[[image/right:]]       (inline uploaded image from URL, float right)                       (URL gets linked)
[ example]             (example text gets linked to the URL)
[[pdf:URL]]                               (PDF reference)
*bold* /italic/ _underline_               (emphasis, cautious attempt)
**bold** //italic// __underline__         (emphasis, forced)
!sperren! !!sperren!!                     (letter spacing)
!!!highlighted!!!                         (yellow background)
!new thought! begins here                 (at paragraph beginning adds padding and small-caps)
^Caps^ ^^Caps^^                           (small-caps)
\(1 + 2\)                                 (inline math)
$$1 + 2$$                                 (math)
%%`1^n`%%                                 (disable other markup)
##monospaced## -del- --del-- ++ins++      (monospace, deletion, insertion)
\\                                        (linebreak)
{UML Universal Modelling Language}        (acronym)
<                                         (next line starts a left to right paragraph)
#!                                        (page starts a script)
/foo/ by /bar/                            \
/foo/ von /bar/                            (link to Google searches) 
/foo/ (1234)                              /
@kensanata                                (Twitter link – ⎇g on my Mac)

Fudge dice:

:+: :+:
:-: :-:
:0: :0:

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It appears that the ~~ patterns are incompatible with the tilde escape by the Creole extension. :(

AlexSchroeder 2010-05-15 23:42 UTC

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