It turns out that I still read the WOZ. On the web, most of my news arrives via @boingboing and @xeni – Twitter! There are a few other accounts I follow: @cshirky, @evgenymorozov, @privacylaw, @eff.

The WOZ #43, Oct. 27, 2011 listed some American alternative media beyond SMS and YouTube and talked about the need to finance them as a form of intellectual self-defense as well as some comments regarding their history or direction)

  1. Alternative press (started 1969)
  2. The Nation (started 1865 by slavery opponents)
  3. The Progressive (started 1909 by a senator, very pacifist)
  4. Mother Jones (started 1976 via Foundation for National Progress)
  5. Politico
  6. Common Dreams NewsCenter
  7. The Huffington Post
  9. Z Communications
  10. AlterNet (started 1998)
  11. ProPublica
  12. National Security Archive (declassified documents of US foreign policy)
  13. Southern Poverty Law Center (started 1971, rassism, civil rights, immigration)


Here is where I got my information from in the years up to 2005 (before I turned to playing games as a HomoLudens):

Stuff I no longer read: Bytes4All [1], Slashdot, Kuro5in, Newsforge, ViridianDesign... I just don’t like news online, who knows why – the monitor? the quality? I dunno. Perhaps I read the newspaper on the train, and when I am at the monitor, I have other things to do. Or perhaps the text quality is lower, so it bores me easily, who knows.

Google News would be great, but it is just too much (InformationOverload). I’m trying to use NewsMap instead.

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