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Here’s the result of the test I mentioned on 2007-07-23 Player Types.

You scored as Storyteller

You’re more inclined toward the role playing side of the equation and less interested in numbers or experience points. You’re quick to compromise if you can help move the story forward, and get bored when the game slows down for a long planning session. You want to play out a story that moves like it’s orchestrated by a skilled novelist or film director.

  1. Storyteller: 100%
  2. Casual Gamer: 42%
  3. Tactician: 33%
  4. Method Actor: 25%
  5. Specialist: 25%
  6. Power Gamer: 8%
  7. Butt-Kicker: 8%

By the way, Claudia also scores as a storyteller:

  1. Storyteller: 100%
  2. Casual Gamer: 33%
  3. Method Actor: 25%
  4. Specialist: 25%
  5. Power Gamer: 17%
  6. Tactician: 17%
  7. Butt-Kicker: 0%

Update: 2008-06-26 Gamer Personality – Again.

Update: 2010-08-31– You Scored as Storyteller [1]

The Storyteller is in it for the plot: the sense of mystery and the fun of participating in a narrative that has the satisfying arc of a good book or movie. He enjoys interacting with well-defined NPCs, even preferring antagonists who have genuine motivations and personality to mere monsters. To the Storyteller, the greatest reward of the game is participating in a compelling story with interesting and unpredictable plot threads, in which his actions and those of his fellow characters determine the resolution. With apologies to Robin Laws.

Storyteller 80%
Weekend Warrior 75%
Character Player 70%
Casual Gamer 60%
Specialist 60%
Tactician 55%
Power Gamer 0%

Wow, butt-kicking on the rise! And method-acting, too. Now I’m scared. ;)


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Interesting… here are my results from the test:

  1. Storyteller 92%
  2. Tactician 83%
  3. Power Gamer 58%
  4. Method Actor 58%
  5. Specialist 42%
  6. Butt Kicker 33%
  7. Casual Gamer 17%

– Lenfyr 2007-07-25 12:29 UTC

You scored as a Power Gamer

The Power Gamer wants to make his character bigger, tougher, buffer, and richer. However success is defined in your game, that’s what you want. You want the “game” put back into “roleplaying game,” and you want the chance to add shiny new abilities to your character sheet.

  1. Power Gamer 92%
  2. Butt-Kicker 83%
  3. Tactician 75%
  4. Storyteller 75%
  5. Method Actor 58%
  6. Specialist 42%
  7. Casual Gamer 25%

Hmm… don’t take the results too seriously. Perhaps I can elaborate on them:

I’m definitely a power gamer at heart, but although I enjoy kicking butt, it depends largely on the character I’m playing.

I choose characters which are colourful and interesting, and I will scour the rules to find a way to bring my character to life without crippling him. (I already have a couple of characters played out that I’d like to play.) I choose characters whose psychology I can understand (though not always sympathise with) so it becomes easy for me to get ‘in character’ during play.

At the end of a session I like to feel that I have achieved something for my character, be it defeating a tough foe, increasing his power, or improving his influence, fame or infamy.

I enjoy thinking through problems, and like thinking through scenarios and planning ambushes and infiltrations.

I like stories that unfold, branch, reconnect and unwind throughout the campaign.

Social interaction interests me less, and a full session of talking will leave me bored, though I’ll tolerate it if others find it genuinely interesting and still participate where I can.

– Marco 2007-07-26 19:30 UTC

Must be all those indie games brainwashing you :-)

– Harald Wagener 2010-09-01 05:52 UTC

Die Chancen, dass es an der vereinfachten Implementation eines vereinfachten Modells ohne jeglicher wissenschaftlichen Basis liegt, sind eindeutig höher! :)

AlexSchroeder 2010-09-01 13:58 UTC

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