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2016-10-07 Portugal

Wir waren für zehn Tage in Portugal. Das Guest House, welches wir gebucht hatten, war ein Altbau und man hat jeden Schritt im Stiegenhaus, jedes Schliessen der Türe, jedes Spülen und das Geschirrwaschen und die Gespräche der Mitbewohner mitgehört. Am nächsten Tag haben wir storniert, die Gebühren und eine weitere Nacht bezahlt und sind dann umgezogen, wieder über So fanden wir ein grosses Apartment keine 500m vom ersten Guest House entfernt. Nicht ganz so nah am Strand aber dafür mit ein paar Restaurants und Cafés in der Nähe. Einzige Idiotie: Das musste man im voraus und in bar zahlen! Wie bescheuert ist das denn. So durften wir einige Male am Bankomat jeweils 200€ abheben, bis der Betrag zusammengekommen ist. Damit man so etwas aushält, muss man sich einfach vorstellen, dass die Gebühren der Banken zu den Mietkosten gehören. Aber eben, voll daneben. Das werden wir dann auch in die Bewertung rein schreiben.

Aber jetzt: Fotos!


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2016-09-12 Goms

We spent a few days in the upper Vallais region and I kept comparing the landscape to my Alpine hex map generator.

And for my own records, here’s how I invoke fgallery and sync with my web server:

perlbrew exec --with perl-5.22.0-thread-multi ~/src/fgallery/fgallery -c txt -f Goms/Album/ 2016-goms
rsync --progress --recursive 2016-goms


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2016-08-28 Pictures

We spent a few days in Saint-Ursanne, in the Doubs region, for some light hiking. → Pictures

And we spent a few days near Crans-Montana, in the Valais. → Pictures


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2016-07-18 Bretagne

We spent a week in Roscoff, Bretagne. It was the week of Bastille day, of the arrival of the Tour de France à la voile, with the main season just about to start. The weather was beautiful, the water was cold, the food was delicious and Claudia’s insomnia was gone. That surprised both of us. The very first day we were back in Switzerland, it raised it’s ugly head again: one and a half hours of waiting for sleep from Saturday to Sunday, then no sleep until five in the morning from Sunday to Monday. We’re about ready to call for dowsing rods and dowsing pendulums. Grrr!

Here are some pictures of our trip:


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2016-07-08 Saas Fee

A few days ago we were in the Wallis. We visited Saas Fee:

In the local museum, I saw this old map: Vallesia superior, ac inferior, Wallis, le Valais, by Gabriel Walser from 1768. You can download a 6208×5151 pixel image.


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2016-07-08 Rheinfall

A while ago we visited the Rhine Falls.


Comments on 2016-07-08 Rheinfall

Wow, Schwarzweiss, gut! Ich versuche es immer wieder, hatte bisher aber keinen Erfolg.

Chris 2016-07-09 12:52 UTC

Hah, ist leider etwas billig: das ist ein Filter der Kamera, inklusive dramatischem Kontrast und Rahmen. :)

– AlexSchroeder 2016-07-09 15:36 UTC

Das ist doch super; mir ist alles lieb, was mir hilft bessere Bilder zu machen. Ich brauche Lightroom, das hat auch Schwarzweissfilter, aber irgendwie…

Chris 2016-07-10 10:53 UTC

Du hast recht. Auf dem iPhone hatte ich eine Weile ein Photo App namens Vint B&W MII, die Bilder nach einem eigenen Algorithmus entfärbte und bessere Resultate lieferte als ein einfaches Entfärben im Gimp oder iPhoto. Offensichtlich gibt es da eine Kunst zum Thema. Aber worauf man schauen muss, weiss ich leider auch nicht. Früher hatte schwarz-weiss Film ja eine Affinität für rot.

Jetzt habe ich mir gerade die Tutorial-Seite für schwarze-weiss Bilder mit Gimp angeschaut. Da gibt es wirklich viel zum Ausprobieren.

– AlexSchroeder 2016-07-10 18:37 UTC

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2016-06-16 Blütenpracht

I created a new gallery with pictures of flowers I see on the way to work. Who ever decided to let wild flowers grow along the tram between Bahnhof Altstetten and Toni Areal: Thank you!



Comments on 2016-06-16 Blütenpracht


– AlexDaniel 2016-06-17 20:18 UTC

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2016-05-27 Krank

Vorgestern hatte ich Halsweh. Gestern bin ich zuhause geblieben, Schnupfen mit verstopfter Nase und jede Menge Kopfweh. Heute ist der Schnupfen nicht ganz so schlimm, aber die Nase tropft pausenlos und aus den Augen quellen Tränen ohne Zahl. Habe ich Schnupfen und Heuschnupfen gleichzeitig?

Dabei hatte ich doch jetzt gerade etwa einen Monat Ruhe…


Comments on 2016-05-27 Krank

Das sieht nach Grippe aus. Das dauert eine Woche. Ich nehme an, es ist bereits vorbei. Trotzdem, baldige Besserung!

– Helmut 2016-06-01 21:29 UTC

Danke! Ja, genau so war es. Mühsam, aber wenigstens weiss man, was auf einen zukommt.

– Alex Schroeder 2016-06-02 05:40 UTC

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2015-12-24 Looking Back

In terms of role-playing games I continued playing my Astral Sea campaign in German, I started running a megadungeon campaign in English, and I’m still running a monthly game for kids. We practically stopped our biweekly indie one shots.

In terms of software for role-playing games I write the Face Generator which I still love and I wrote Gridmapper which I loved but then I discovered that I wasn’t actually creating any dungeons for my own games. I loved Gridmapper for the technical aspect: it’s a single SVG file with embedded XHTML and Javascript. It comes with a demo and it saves dungeons to a wiki for everybody to share, and you can save it locally as well.

So far, so good.

Claudia and I pushed our running goals. She had been training for 10km runs and decided that in 2015 she was going to do a half marathon. At the end of July we ran 21km as part of our training. In August, a mere week later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemo. Later we learned of two heterozygot mutations of the ATM gene, meaning that she has two mutated copies, one from each parent. The mutations are not clinical significant, meaning that not enough is known to say whether these mutations are related to her cancer. It is known, however, that mutations in this gene can be related to certain leukemia (and she had one of them as a teenager) and certain breast cancer types (and she has one of them right now). The ATM gene encodes a protein that is involved in DNA repair. Cancers due to failures in DNA repair usually react well to Carboplatin-Taxol chemotherapy, and hers did. Since her leukemia was treated using Anthracyclines and these antibiotics have a cardiotoxic effect, we must avoid them even if they are considered to be a very effective treatment. For all these reasons, we opted for a bilateral Mastectomy with a simultaneous reconstruction of the breast using transplanted fat tissue from her belly. This happened at the beginning of December. The navel was transplanted, skin from the belly was used to cover the holes left after excision of the nipples. The body needs time to heal. Still, the breast tissue was sent in for analysis and some active tumor cells were found. Thus, the chemotherapy had not been the complete success we had been led to believe. Apparently, new research shows two year disease free survival can be increased slightly by an add-on Capecitabine chemotherapy (abstract). We started on that, yesterday.

So, in short: the second half of 2015 can pretty much fuck itself and I’m hoping for significant improvements in 2016.


Comments on 2015-12-24 Looking Back

I wish you all the best for 2016!

– Stefan 2015-12-24 21:48 UTC

Thanks. :)

– Alex Schroeder 2015-12-24 21:50 UTC

I hope everything goes well for Claudia! Best wishes for both of you and happy 2016.

– Enzo 2016-01-02 10:30 UTC

Thank you, Enzo.

– Alex Schroeder 2016-01-02 10:49 UTC

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2015-12-15 Tired

Benjamin B. recently wrote on Google+ about apathy and the paralysis of choice in the modern world. He said, “it’s easier and more enjoyable to not see a movie than to struggle to decide on what movie to see.”

I think part of this is also due to our world changing. We grew up in a world of comparative scarcity: there were not too many cinemas playing movies, VHS tapes were hard to get, when I grew up, the state offered two TV programs and the second one of them was only broadcasting from 18:00 to 21:00. So we grew up with a mindset of collecting things. Keeping stuff. So much stuff to see! We’ll be watching it later. All of it! This is awesome! Such richness! So many books! I don’t even have to go to the library. Or the bookshop! This is awesome! Oh, and the whole Internet, too. For free! This is awesome! And now we’re drinking from the fire hose and drowning in information. What was scarce is now abundant. We didn’t have to make many choices because there was little to choose from. We valued choice and called it freedom. Now we’re constantly struggling to weigh the minutia of benefits, pondering the trade-offs of time spent, of opportunity costs, of alternatives missed. And it just drains us.

The question is: What better mindset would benefit us? Or if not us, then our kids? Throw away the books we don’t read. Kick the TV from the living room. Unsubscribe from newspapers. And people are already doing that. There just is no time. The things have no value because they’re abundant. Mute most of your friends and family on social media. Don’t read the movie reviews, the book reviews, the announcements and blogs of publishers and writers. They’ll just make you want to buy things which you will then have to choose to buy, and read or watch, and it’s a big investment of time and energy, comparatively. Often the dollars are no longer the limiting factor. But it all makes us so tired. Anyway. That’s how I often feel.


And tired.


Comments on 2015-12-15 Tired

It’s fucking screens, man. I bet you don’t feel that way when you’re hiking. Exercising, cooking, going for a stroll, drawing or playing a boardgame all are useful to me.

Anyway, cheer up Alex!

– Enzo 2015-12-16 10:10 UTC

Haha, good point. Damn monitors! :-D

– Alex Schroeder 2015-12-16 13:35 UTC

Since years I try to limit my in front of a screen time - but there are to many interesting things which need a screen this days. Good thing is that I still can avoid the tablet on the RPG table - mostly…

– Sam 2015-12-18 08:56 UTC

Must. stop. reading.!!

– Alex Schroeder 2015-12-18 10:55 UTC

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