Player Badges

This page added to make it easy to paste and copy various badges to other wiki pages. The table is from bliss infinite’s blog post Player Badges. (”Feel free to use how you wish!”) The icons themselves are in turn based on Lorc’s 700+ RPG icons free for use available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

There’s a bit more explanation regarding my own preferences on 2011-08-22 Badges and a short list on My Player Badges.

Badge Explanation
Hack and Slash! I like to kill things and take their stuff!
I’m only in it for the Money! Gold! Gold! Gold!
I like to Roll Dice. My character’s mad skills are not mine but better! I’ve never met a skill roll I didn’t like!
I like to Act my character. I am my character!
I better end up a King in your campaign!
I like to Burn stuff! Keep me away from torches and barns.
My character’s actions are Not For Kids under 17 or sensitive ears at the table. Yeah, I’m that guy.
I survived the Tomb of Horrors and all I got was this cursed merit badge!
I like to explore the Underworld.
I like to explore the Wilderness.
Wine, women and songs! Towns are for me!
I enjoy Epic high fantasy!
I enjoy gritty Pulp adventures!


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