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  • 21:58 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-16 Pleroma . . . . Alex Schroeder It’s still running on my server without acting up. I’m happy even though I had to install a database for it. Should I ever want a lightweight server, another project to look at would be Kibou. It’s written in Rust instead of Erlang+Elixir. Not sure whether I like that better but there it is. [en]
  • 16:31 UTC (new) (history) 2019-12-10 J madness continued . . . . Alex Schroeder Ah, the madness continues... This is for day 2 of Advent of Code 2019. 1. Your input is a list of numbers describing a program. The instructions consist of opcodes and some parameters. The opcode 99 has no parameters and indicates that the end has been reached. The opcode 1 means addition… [en]
  • 11:53 UTC (new) (history) J . . . . Alex Schroeder J is an array programming language. It is very, very different from the other programming languages I've encountered.
  • 11:50 UTC (new) (history) 2019-12-10 J parsing using a sequential machine . . . . Alex Schroeder In a comment on my last post about the J programming language, Peter Kotrčka mentioned a flaw in the simple parsing trick I had used. I was basically assuming that the numbers in my input were separated by exactly *one* newline (or other J "word"). I had spent some time trying to implement a parser… [en]
  • 09:51 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-12-07 J Programming Language . . . . Alex Schroeder You are right, for my code to work it is absolutely essential that there is a single newline between every number because what I'm doing is essentially picking out the odd elements. I spent some time trying to implement a parser that just looks for digits, but failed. There's an example of a… [en]
  • 09:43 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-12-09 Decentralization and Collaboration . . . . Alex Schroeder Sadly, sending mail is never as easy as it seems... [en]
  • 09:41 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-12-09 The Common Cold . . . . Alex Schroeder Haha! Apparently having a headache and a running nose makes for better blogging, somehow. Weird! [en]
  • 09:40 UTC (new) (history) 2019-12-10 Praising maintainers . . . . Alex Schroeder recently wrote Developers shouldn't distribute their own software, which I read shortly after Maintainers Matter ("The case against upstream packaging"). The gist is this: distributions distribute sets of programs, picked by maintainers according to some standard of quality, and… [en]




  • 08:09 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-30 Threema . . . . Alex Schroeder Yes I have. It turned out not to be too big of a problem. My wife was also in nearly all the groups I was admin of and was able to clone them (making her the admin of the new group) and add me back. So now I lost admin status in a few groups and lost all the “trust” marks of my contacts, but other… [en]


  • 20:54 UTC (new) (history) 2019-12-05 Machines ruling us . . . . Alex Schroeder Remember Charles Stress’ blog post about companies being actual artifice life forms in the process of exploiting humans? A bit like we keep cattle, I guess. recently expanded on the idea on Mastodon. Here is the thread, quoted with permission: 1️⃣ corporations are… [en]
  • 19:44 UTC (new) (history) Image 1 for 2019-12-05 Commonplace Books . . . . Alex Schroeder
  • 19:41 UTC (new) (history) 2019-12-05 Commonplace Books . . . . Alex Schroeder The commonplace book was simply a scrapbook where people collected quotes, listed books to read, took notes. I myself love wikis but my life is full of little notebooks. Sadly, I am a lazy person and so I’ve tried bullet journals but I lack the discipline to make it a ritual. I use it as a todo… [en]


  • 20:15 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-24 Org Domains . . . . Alex Schroeder quoted from the Mozilla blog: > "Yes, much of the internet is and should be commercial — but it is important that significant parts of the internet also remain dedicated to the public interest. The current dot org ecosystem is clearly one of these parts" - Mark… [en]
  • 16:07 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-27 The Metagaming I encourage . . . . Alex Schroeder Sure. And I don’t mind players playing ignorant characters. But at the same time, I don’t make it a point to enforce this if the players aren’t up to it. [en]
  • 15:57 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-30 Beyond Money . . . . Alex Schroeder I found the article quite convincing considering the very limited statements it made. Of course, it doesn’t explain anything about real world oligarchies, how exactly the soviet republics degenerated into oligarchies, and so on. The experience reminded me of why I cancelled my *Scientific American*… [en]


  • 16:37 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-30 Threema . . . . Alex Schroeder I got myself a new iPhone 11, backed up my old iPhone 6S, and restored that backup onto the new phone. That took maybe three minutes. I also upgraded the new phone to the latest edition of the operating system, that took a few minutes more. Then I started Threema, which had somehow forgotten all… [en]
  • 15:53 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-30 Computer History . . . . Alex Schroeder Haha, that was a good book. Where's my Leap Key, and where's my Zooming Interface!? [en]
  • 11:07 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-30 Beyond Money . . . . Alex Schroeder Swiss paper money is colorful. I like the visual aspect very much. The implications … not so much. I don’t mind “generic trade thing” but I sure mind that it seems to rule the world. I feel like there is a social infrastructure layer missing atop of it. Like money sits atop trade which sits atop… [en]
  • 10:52 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-30 Computer History . . . . Alex Schroeder I really need to sit down one day and look back at the history of computing. I half remember a YouTube video ironically taking the ideas of Doug Engelbart and describing an alternative future where all these things had come true and more, and as a viewer you realized that so little had come true,… [en]
  • 08:53 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-09-29 I have no hope . . . . Alex Schroeder Über die Journalisten, die sich übertölpeln lassen, die Leugner der Klimakatastrophe, und wie das zur Folge hat, dass über die Klimakatastrophe nicht richtig berichtet wird, und sich jeder Laie auch noch zu Wort melden darf, um auf Augenhöhe mit Experten zu “diskutieren.” Wegen dem deutschen… [en, de]


  • 19:50 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-29 Patriarchy and cooking and social media . . . . Alex Schroeder I get the feeling that baking bread is more brag-worthy on social media than cooking because patriarchy allows men to bake but not to cook and that makes me sad, but also because we are taking back something that we gave away to specialization and slowly we are are discovering that being single… [en]
  • 14:21 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-11-15 The Century of the Self . . . . AlokSingh Adding his blog (which was last updated in 2016) to this little shrine to A. Curtis. Seriously though, we seem to be victims of our circumstances and free will is a necessary illusion so that we can face ourselves in the mirror. [en]



  • 22:09 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-27 The Metagaming I encourage . . . . Alex Schroeder People have been talking about Metagaming on the blogs! I think I’ll just list the things that I’m ok with at the table even though I used to think this was “bad” metagaming: 1. If players know a monster their characters also know the monster. The onus is on the referee to bring new monsters to the… [en]
  • 21:03 UTC (new) (history) 2016-10-11 Bear . . . . Alex Schroeder Old monster manual thoughts [en]



  • 09:09 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2018-06-07 No More WhatsApp . . . . Alex Schroeder linked to a post about setting up a mobile friendly XMPP server: ejabberd vs. Prosody. > TL;DR: Use ejabberd. Set up a cron job to trim message history and network activity logs - they *will* go out of hand. Back in 2018 and… [en]
  • 08:51 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-24 Org Domains . . . . Alex Schroeder Nonprofit Community Stands Together to Protect .ORG, by Elliot Harmon of the EFF. It links to Save .ORG. I signed it, even though I have little hope. I added: «All the small communities around the world will suffer: the administrators running a site for their communities, the wikis for their… [en]
  • 08:36 UTC (new) (history) Comments on 2019-10-10 Non-adventure games? . . . . Alex Schroeder GM-less story games: «Traditional tabletop RPGs are, in general, about adventure and/or investigation, and thus severely limited as a storytelling medium. In contrast, GM-less games make it much, much easier to explore different kinds of stories.» [en]
  • 00:01 UTC (new) (history) Comments on 2016-10-09 Basilisk . . . . Alex Schroeder discussion from G+ [en, de]





  • 21:28 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-16 Pleroma . . . . Alex Schroeder OK, so I tried *Epicyon* and it used a lot of CPU cycles doing not much. Would *Pleroma* fare any better? I am ready to give it a try: Installing on Debian Based Distributions. apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib elixir erlang erlang-dev erlang-tools erlang-parsetools erlang-ssh erlang-xmerl… [en]
  • 17:56 UTC (diff) (history) Contact . . . . Alex Schroeder Removed Wire [en]
  • 17:12 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-16 Boomers and Generation-X . . . . Alex Schroeder Recently, I stumbled upon a thread by about the phrase “OK Boomer” (a disparaging reply to baby boomers, individuals born between 1946 and 1964) from the perspective of my generation, Generation X, people born between the mid 1960s and the mid 1980s. honestly, given the… [en]


  • 19:20 UTC (new) (history) 2019-11-15 The Century of the Self . . . . Alex Schroeder I've started watching The Century of the Self, Part 1. There are four parts. I found a copy on YouTube at the time and downloaded it in 2018 after reading a discussion online. It's also available from the Internet Archive. A few minutes in: Using propaganda for peace! Renaming propaganda to… [en]



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