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  • 19:54 UTC (new) (history) 2020-07-06 Five Questions . . . . Alex Schroeder is trying to bring some interactivity to Gemini-space and has asked “five questions” in her gem-space in June, and five more in July. This post attempts to answer the earlier questions from June. I’m late! I’m late. > One of my favorite things to do in the summer is… [en]


  • 22:14 UTC (new) (history) 2020-07-04 Is Gemini from North Korea? . . . . Alex Schroeder I was hanging out on the #gemini channel on and people noticed that Hacker News was talking about Gemini, and this got posted in a thread about a toffelblog post, A look at the Gemini protocol: a brutally simple alternative to the web. > <lukee> another juicy quote from HN… [en]



  • 15:23 UTC (new) (history) 2020-07-02 An overview over my Gemini projects . . . . Alex Schroeder A while ago I started writing lots of stuff for Gemini. Time for an overview, both for myself and for you, the hypothetical reader. :D I'm not going to link to the various blog posts where I've talked about the various projects before. If you want to find them, take a look at the Gemini tag. Gemini… [en]


  • 09:57 UTC (new) (history) Comments on 2019-10-15 Speech to text using Pocketsphinx! . . . . Alex Schroeder Thisten offers something for $0.10/min. They asked me for my credit card info before letting see the trial results. As I was skimming the Terms of Service, I noticed: "In the interest of resolving disputes between you and Thisten in the most expedient and cost effective manner, … you and Thisten… [en]
  • 07:27 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2019-03-02 The need to relax . . . . Alex Schroeder "Never once at the start of my workweek — not in my morning coffee shop line; not in my crowded subway commute; not as I begin my bottomless inbox slog — have I paused, looked to the heavens and whispered: #ThankGodIt’sMonday." – Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work? [en]




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