Ring of the South Wind Gate

This ring belong to Kerkoutha, warden of the South Wind Gate, the gate house at the foot of the great golden stair leading into Bahamut’s Palace. In ages past the ring must have been a ring of teleportation and planeshifting. Kerkoutha travelled the planes in service of his master Bahamut and kept using the ring to return to his palace. As the centuries passed, the ring attuned itself to Kerkoutha’s faith and devotion and to the single task that Kerkoutha used it for: Going to the South Wind Gate and back to wherever you came from.

When worn and activated, it enables the wearer to create a green, shimmering portal to Kerkoutha using a standard action. The portal will half envelop the wearer and with but a move action, the wearer can step through the portal. No other creature can be taken along. Contact with a living creature such as grappling or hand holding as well as immobility such as due to a Hold Person spell, or being chained to a wall prevents the passage through the portal. The portal can be held open as long as only move actions are used and until the wearer can step through the portal.

Moderate conjuration; CL 13; Craft Ring, discern location, plane shift, teleport, creator must have served in Bahamut’s castle for 100 years; Price: 167,500 gp.


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