Unlike copyright, patents can block independent creations. Software patents can render software copyright useless. One copyrighted work can be covered by hundreds of patents of which the author doesn’t even know but for whose infringement he and his users can be sued. Some of these patents may be impossible to work around, because they are broad or because they are part of communication standards.

Start by signing the petition. Anybody from the following countries can sign. The website says:

The countries explicitely listed in this form are all members of associated members of the European Union or the European Patent Convention because important decisions will be taken in Europe in the next 6 months. However, we truly welcome support and signatures from other regions in the World.

The countries listed are:

Andorra Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Danmark Deutschland Eesti Eire España France Hellas Island Italia Jugoslavija Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Magyarorsz Malta Monaco Nederland Norge Österreich Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia Suomi Sverige Switzerland Turkiye Ukraine United Kingdom

Check out my wiki page to coordinate letter writing to Swiss members of parliament:


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