2006-08-15 Bugs coming back to haunt you

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Summary: A conversion overheard on #emacs.

Added: 6a7

> 04:16 <developer> Sounds like a bug in the buffer creation.

Removed: 9d9

< 04:16 <developer> Sounds like a bug in the buffer creation.

Overheard on the EmacsChannel:

04:13 user
hi. remember that bug we once fixed in the IRC client that made the cursor jump to the article buffer in the mail client (from the summary buffer) when the IRC client was loaded?
04:14 developer
That sounds freaky. We did fix that one?
04:15 user
yeah. actually you fixed that in a wink
04:16 developer
Sounds like a bug in the buffer creation.
04:16 user
i’m not sure, but it could be somewhere the mode-line was being touched… or something like that
04:16 developer
Heh. Ok. What about it? :-)
04:16 user
well, it’s back


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