2006-10-14 iPhoto Corruption

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Claudia got back from her holidays in Crete. We connected the camera to the Mac Mini, switched it on, iPhoto started, we imported the pictures. Then we noticed: How weird, the new pictures came right in the middle of the archive. Somehere in 2005. When I searched for “Kreta”, we got all the pictures from Crete 2006 and all the pictures from Beirut 2005. W00t!?

Some rearranging, investigating, restarting… And suddenly the complete archive only lists all the pictures up to Beirut and all later pictures were lost, unless you clicked down to the archive for 2006. Another restart, and iPhoto offered to reimport some new pictures. And it turned out that it reimported two more sets of the Crete pictures. When I rebuilt the library using the special key-combo while starting iPhoto, everything looked ok (and the Crete images were gone), but once I reimported them from a folder, things got mixed up again. Three pictures from older days suddenly got reassigned to the Crete folder.

I think I’m going to restore the iPhoto library from backup and try again.

This sucks!

Time passes. Restore from backup, everything looks ok. Import pictures from Crete folder, and there we go again!! AAAARARRRRGHH!! >{

So what we had before was a folder the Pictures/iPhoto Library/Data/2005/2005-02-22 Beirut. After importing the pictures from a folder called “Kreta 2006”, the old Beirut folder disappeared and all the pictures got moved into a new folder called Pictures/iPhoto Library/Data/2005/Kreta 2006. All the Crete pictures, got moved into Pictures/iPhoto Library/Data/2005/Kreta 2006_2.

Well, at least they didn’t all end up in the same folder like last time. But it sure sucks like hell!

What are we supposed to do now?

I think what I will do is restore a library from the backup, but keep it under a different name. And we’ll delete the current library, so that iPhoto will start a new one. At least we can navigate both libraries. Both libraries will not be corrupted. And we could even merge them later, should that be necessary.


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