2007-11-15 Plans for fsbot

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Summary: Edited summary of a one-sided conversation on #emacs


< want a way to figure out who did it.


> want a way to figure out who is doing it and stop it.

11:49 kensanata
It would be cool if we could join #fsbot and tell fsbot what to say on #emacs.
11:49 kensanata
Then newbies would go bonkers a dozen a minute.
11:55 kensanata
Fsbot is already exhibiting a lot of artificial stupidity, sometimes he tricks people.
12:17 kensanata
I don’t care what the bots look like on the inside.
12:19 kensanata
It would be cool if we could look inside fsbot and see the #fsbot channel members listed.
12:19 kensanata
Then we’d know who was controlling it.
12:20 kensanata
Plus we’d prevent people from remote controlling fsbot via msg and queries.
12:20 kensanata
Then we get back social control which is important.
12:21 kensanata
If fsbot starts spewing insults, I want a way to figure out who is doing it and stop it.
12:21 kensanata
Requiring remote control to come from #fsbot would allow for that.
12:23 kensanata
I don’t think logging is required for what I want to do, since I don’t require perfect accountability.
12:24 kensanata
All I want to do is this: fsbot starts insulting me. I join #fsbot. I see dUm6455 saying “tell #emacs kensanata uses vi!”. Then I can kickban dUm6455…
12:25 kensanata
If dUm6455 only insults me once, and parts #fsbot after the first message, then too bad, he got away. No problem.
12:25 kensanata
It’s like real life. Physics cuts us some slack.
12:26 kensanata
Maybe people will start ignoring fsbot because of his lousy signal-to-noise ratio?
12:27 kensanata
My solution would forgive one-time offenders.
12:27 kensanata
After the first insult I’d be monitoring #fsbot and I need no longer need a log, long or short.
12:28 kensanata
If this turns out to be a problem I’m sure it will be easy to add.
12:28 kensanata
I just don’t like monitoring to a system that doesn’t need it. We have enough watchers in our lives already.
12:29 kensanata
We need one of those rare saviours, those holy men of free software, a true martyr, A VOLUNTEER!


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This sounds interesting. I think however, that #fsbot should be a controlled channel and the #emacs people should allow only trusted people in there. That way, some control can be maintained.

Noufal Ibrahim 2007-11-15 15:26 UTC

Or log #fsbot. Post facto control can be demonstrably justifiable in a way than pre facto cannot be. Though I remember sussudio abusing me via dpkg on #debian back in the day.

– AlokSingh 2007-11-16 11:17 UTC

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