2008-06-25 Inkscape for Mapping

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< [[image:http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/TheAlderKing/download/Map|The Alder King Map|http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/TheAlderKing/Map]]


> [[CW:TheAlderKing/Map|Check it out]].

I’m using Inkscape to create a multilayer map. Unlike my previous project (→ 2007-06-08 Old School Hex Mapper Getting Better) I’m now using Inkscape to draw the map directly.

I’m using four layers:

This is a light blue hex grid I got from a grid PDF generator [1] [2]
Rivers, hills, forest
Dots for cities, ruins – my goal is for every hex to offer something to do
All the stuff my players don’t know yet

The Alder King is going to be a game of exploration. There are no detailed maps available to the players.

Check it out.

If you have a crappy browser, the above PNG file with a transparent background will probably look borked. Get Firefox instead. :)

The above map without the Hex and Unknown layers, of course.

I like it!

In fact, I wrote a tutorial for those interested in doing something similar: Old School Hex Map Tutorial.

Now that I’ve placed a few things on the map, I will need a little campaign plan.


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