2010-07-13 To My RPG Followers

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I’ve noticed that some people have added my blog to their blogroll. Thank you!

Some of you have subscribed to a feed listing all changes – including non RPG pages, German pages, Comments, etc. I’m assuming that those topics are annoying you. If not, you can stop reading now. :)

I figured that maybe the reason is because Blogspot and similar services are having difficulties subscribing to a feed URL containing a query string (question marks and semicolons). I don’t really know what the problem is, but I have seen that one before. Anyway, I fiddled with the site setup again. ✌

Subscribe to this URL in your feed reader – Google Reader, Bloglines, etc:

If you don’t need the full page content because you are adding it to your sidebar, you can use the following URL:

I hope that helps?

The feed icon for the RPG tag below should now link to the correct URL as well.


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