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Two threads I’ve been reading over the last weeks. Every now and then it’s good to be reminded of good practices.

Advice on building a megadungeon, and a campaign around it by Benoist Poiré (G+). The author provides examples, discusses benefits and drawbacks, technique – and then he goes about implementing them, designing a megadungeon as you read along.

S is for Sandbox by Raven Crow King. The author discusses the things you need to prepare and the things you should not prepare. Key phrases that he repeats a few times:

“After immediate needs are met, do whatever work interests you the most. Or, take a break if nothing is particularly interesting to you.” – Raven Crow King “Every hour of prep work should result in at least two hours of game time.” – Raven Crow King

The series then moves to the design of an adventure site and I really like how he makes sure that the dungeon has replay value. In the first dungeon, for example, he hides some treasure that is very hard to find and says: “This area will be hard to discover without additional information, and a map in another adventure site will indicate where to look.”

It’s a bit wordier than my humble Swiss Referee Style Manual but still far shorter than some of the advice books out there. I just looked at my GM Advice folder and found Gamemastering by Brian Jamison, 330 pages. (Hm, the site gamemastering.info seems to be down; what happened?)


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