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Alex, just to let you know that I’ve donated you a square over at One Thousand Voices. You’re now a part of an interactive artwork :) And yes, the site is powered by OddMuse. I’m going to put that little fact in the About page which will be written later today.

Let me know if you want your square to be a different color - right now it’s oddmuse yellow :)

All the best,

GreyWulf 2006-01-20 09:59 UTC

Heh, cool! :) The art project rings a bell somewhere. I wonder whether I stumbled across it on your site or elsewhere. Must have been quite some time ago.

– AlexSchroeder 2006-01-21 00:29 UTC

– PierreGaston 2006-01-21 07:01 UTC

Right on spot! Thanks, Pierre. :)

– AlexSchroeder 2006-01-21 10:20 UTC

Absolutely! It’s such a great idea I wanted to create my own. Bet it’s the first one created in OddMuse though :)

GreyWulf 2006-01-22 21:27 UTC

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