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> <tt><[ TheSheep]> | ← Ceci n’est pas une pipe</tt>
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<TheSheep> | ← Ceci n’est pas une pipe</tt>

Here’s how I set up irssi on a new system. I usually use rcirc, however.

ircnet add -nick kensanata -user alex -realname "Alex Schroeder" -autosendcmd "^MSG nickserv identify blabla; /wait -freenode 2000; “ freenode /server add -auto -ircnet freenode /channel add -auto #emacs freenode /channel add -auto #wiki freenode /channel add -auto #oddmuse freenode /channel add -auto #rcirc freenode /channel add -auto #epfarms freenode /ignore -replies xah </pre>

Actually the list of channels varies. And these days I use rcirc instead of irssi.


First, be an op, and then ban somebody:

/mode #emacs +o kensanata


/msg chanserv op #emacs

Then (also: foo!*@* or foo*!*@*):

/mode #emacs +b *!*user@*.domain

Or (illustrating quiet instead of ban, and registered users instead of mask) [1]:

/mode #emacs +q $a:ams

The ban mask is as follows: NICK!USERNAME-ON-REMOTE-HOST@IP-ADDR-OR-DOMAIN. All three parts, the nick, username and host identifier, accept * as a shell style glob anywhere within themselves.

List all banned patterns:

/mode #emacs +b

Unban somebody:

/mode #emacs -b %borg!*@*


Set the channel to registered users only:

/mode #emacs +r

Idle Time on Freenode

It seems that /whois nick nick does this. [2]

Bilbee Details

Set Twitter to chat mode while offline:

account set twitter/mode chat

Set GTalk details:

account set jabber/ssl true account set jabber/server account set jabber/port 5223 save account on

Google+ nicks:

acc gtalk set nick_format %full_name

Show Google +1


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