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2013-07-08 FLAC to MP3

Note to self: Assume you have a set of subdirectories named CD01, CD02, and so on, each containing a single FLAC file and a single CUE file, here’s how to convert them to MP3:

for d in CD*; do
    cd $d
    for f in *.cue; do
	n=`basename "$f" .cue`
	echo xld -c "$n.cue" "$n.flac"
	xld -c "$n.cue" "$n.flac" -f mp3
    cd ..

This uses XLD, also known as “X Lossless Decoder: Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X”. Yay! :)

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2013-05-14 Scrobbling Fail

Ever since I stopped listening to music on iTunes, scrobbling is absolutely broken. I listen to music on at least three different Apple devices, sync them with iTunes every now and then, checked “Enable iPod submissions” using playlist “zuletzt gespielt” which is defined as matching both of these rules: “last played in the last 3 months” and “media kind is not podcast” with live updating. I listen to music practically constantly. If you check my profile, you’ll note huge gaps everywhere. Why is that? Are the devices “overwriting” each other? iScrobbler says 586 items queued. Ok… All I’m seeing is two new items. :(

Update: Apparently I'm an idiot. It just takes a long time (a day?) to process the tracks submitted. Yikes, sorry for the bad press, iScrobbler!

That’s a lot of titles…

You’ll notice that The Beatles have made a big comeback in 2013. :)



Update: Apparently there's another abandoned scrobbler… ScrobblePod.

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2013-05-07 WMA to MP3

This is based on How to Convert Unprotected WMA Files Into MP3 Files. I’m leaving the instructions here for my future self. :)

for file in *.wma; do
  mplayer -vo null -vc dummy -af resample=44100 \
    -ao pcm:file="${file%%.[Ww][Mm][Aa]}.wav" "$file"
  lame --preset standard "${file%%.[Ww][Mm][Aa]}.wav" \

Use locate lame|grep 'lame$' and locate mplayer|grep 'mplayer$' to find the location of your executables. On a Mac, they’re probably not on your PATH… I installed MPlayer OSX and iTunes-LAME to get the executables. You’ll need to do something similar.

This is the result I just used for some files with upper case file extension:

for file in *.WMA; do
  "/Applications/MPlayer" \
    -vo null -vc dummy -af resample=44100 \
    -ao pcm:file="${file%%.[Ww][Mm][Aa]}.wav" "$file"
  "/Applications/" \
    --preset standard "${file%%.[Ww][Mm][Aa]}.wav" \


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Not much change, I guess.


  • The Gaslight Anthem ok rock
  • Eels ok somehow I rediscovered them at last; I can’t remember listening to a lot of U2, but old favorites are hard to replace in the top charts
  • Shinozuka Group ok I have used the Vagrant Story soundtrack for D&D – that’s the only reason they are up here!


  • Powderfinger sucks got replaced by The Gaslight Anthem
  • Transglobal Underground sucks I’ve listened to much less World Music in the recent past
  • Elvis sucks we still love Elvis but we are rarely in the mood that asks for Elvis specifically

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2012-02-03 Swiss Creative Commons Music

I just saw an email on the iCommons Switzerland mailing list listing Switzerland based netlabels and artists.

Other links:

The list was provided by starfrosch. Apparently they have been podcasting Creative Commons music for years.

I approve! ok

Now I just have to spend some time listening to the music… These days I usually listen to the Sounds podcast. Here in Switzerland I pay a monthly fee because I have a radio. Might as well profit from whatever they do. (I do confess, however, that I’d love to hear that none of this money goes to the entertainment industry. (Thieves! Luddites!)


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Summary: Thank you for those links!


< Thank you for those links!


> Thank you for those links! I have subscribed to the podcast. :)

hi there, if you’re interested in more netaudio/netlabels, allow me to suggest these websites: and my website


Thank you for those links! I have subscribed to the podcast. :)

AlexSchroeder 2012-02-10 23:21 UTC

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2011-04-11 Game Music

Vagrant Story Here’s what I’ve been using for my games lately:

Do you know of anything similar that I could use for low-maintenance iPod play during my games?

I’ve recently bought a few tracks from Sonic Legends but haven’t used them, yet. We’ll see how that works out. :)


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Summary: Thanks, I'll check it out.


> ----
> [[gravatar: AlexSchroeder:e33b88db6bc04e1c93db25c702baea28]]
> Thanks, I'll check it out.
> -- AlexSchroeder 2011-04-12 09:59 UTC

I’m not sure how much this’d fit your game or music tastes or whatever, but I find the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 soundtrack to be spectacular all around action music. Relic released it for free:

Wyatt 2011-04-12 02:22 UTC

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

AlexSchroeder 2011-04-12 09:59 UTC

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2010-10-18 The Cure

Greatest Hits Recently I heard some The Cure tracks in a nearby bar, that were slightly different from how I remembered them. The waiter wasn’t too helpful, misunderstanding my question twice until I was confused myself. Back at the table I used Shazam to identify the tracks. This worked much better. :) It turns out that these were acoustic versions of the songs I knew, and they were on the album The Greatest Hits.

Great, I thought! I looked at my favorite local online CD shop and saw that the album cost over CHF 40.– (with the dollar and the Swiss franc being about 1:1), whereas it cost USD 17 on iTunes. I bought it on iTunes!

But when I started listening, I realized that I wanted the limited edition with bonus disc. Damn you! Now I am unhappy and wasted USD 17. :(


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Summary: Das erinnert mich daran, dass ich mir mal ein paar Beatles CDs ausleihen muss...


> ----
> [[gravatar:AlexSchroeder:e33b88db6bc04e1c93db25c702baea28]]
> Das erinnert mich daran, dass ich mir mal ein paar Beatles CDs ausleihen muss...
> -- AlexSchroeder 2010-10-28 08:56 UTC

Sorry to hear you got iScrewed.

AaronHawley 2010-10-18 12:48 UTC

und bei mir wäre es for free gewesen. :)

– zeno 2010-10-28 08:25 UTC

Das erinnert mich daran, dass ich mir mal ein paar Beatles CDs ausleihen muss…

AlexSchroeder 2010-10-28 08:56 UTC

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Apparently I started “scrobbling” for LastFM on Sep 5, 2004; that’s how long I’ve been submitting summaries of music I listen to. Here is a summary of the all-time best:

Funny. A lot of black and white pictures! :)

Anyway. I’m not sure what to do. Last time I checked, there was no Pandora service in Switzerland because of copyright issues. Boooooh! :{ sucks

But in addition to that, I might listen to music at a desktop while working, but at home, when I’m living my daily life, the computer is often switched off and the stereo is out of reach of the wireless network. So even if there was an iPhone app (is there?) it wouldn’t work. I have to physically carry the iPod with 80G of music to the stereo and plug it in. That works. And it precludes me using strange and wonderful online services. That’s why I’m not paying $3/month for, I guess. There’s no opportunity to listen to the radio. Then again… Perhaps if there was an iPhone app, and it’d work over the wireless network, I might change my wireless setup in order to enjoy it. ;)

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Uhm. There is an iphone app. Well at least in the German Appstore. And it works great even over 3G.

Andreas Gohr 2010-08-13 04:58 UTC

Hm. When I search for “” or “last fm” I don’t get any official looking result. :(

Currently available in [1]:

  • Deutschland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Hm… Loosing all the meta-data I have on… But Grooveshark for $3/mo? I just started their 30 day trial period.

AlexSchroeder 2010-08-13 10:17 UTC

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2010-08-11 Eels

I just bought some more Eels CDs. Damn it. I didn’t want to give the music industry any more money because they are going to use it to harass customers in court and lobby our governments to give us crappy copyright law. Some of these albums were on sale and cheaper than on iTunes, though.

I guess that last year I really enjoyed Belle & Sebastian and Flogging Molly. Maybe I should listen in to some of Isobel Campbell’s projects since she left Belle & Sebastian.

This year seems to be the year of Eels and Cocorosie.

eels - beautiful freak CHF9.90
eels - electro-shock blues CHF9.90
eels - souljacker CHF19.90
eels - blinking lights - jewelcase CHF29.90
eels - live at town hall CHF9.90
eels - useless trinkets: b-sides, rarities…CHF43.90
eels - tomorrow morning CHF21.90

Update: Wow, on the subject of music. I listend to a lot of The Gaslight Anthem this spring when I got a copy of The '59 Sound from a friend (sharing is legal amongst close friends here in Switzerland). As I read the Wikipedia page, I discover that the record was produced by Ted Hutt – who turns out to be was the original guitar player and one of the founding members for Flogging Molly! What a cool link between two excellent bands. I should check out what else he’s up to!

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I didn’t know Eels yet, but Cocorosie is great. To find similar music with a CC license, try

– Samuel 2010-08-12 06:38 UTC

Thanks. I didn’t know about Jamendo.

AlexSchroeder 2010-08-12 07:23 UTC

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2010-05-16 The Sound of Traveller

What music would you use for your Traveller?

  •  I tried Star Wars and it was too weird.
  •  I tried the German Captain Future soundtrack by Christian Bruhn and it worked ok.
  •  GM Harald used Macross it worked just fine.
  •  More Jazz? I have a small number of so-called Science Fiction Jazz CDs. I no longer like the music that much; I wonder whether it would work for Traveller.
  •  Maybe Ghost in the Shell has enough weirdness, Jazz, and Asian gibberish we don’t understand to work as a background? It would require better preparation.
  •  Vangelis’ Bladerunner soundtrack?
  •  Cowboy Bebop? Perhaps the sound of the future is not technoid after all.

I’ve seen DM Peter a Computer RPG game soundtrack for an entire campaign. There was our intro theme, our combat theme, and a small number of selected tracks for selected scenes. Perhaps picking a small number (three?) of tracks per session, and another small selection (two?) tracks per campaign would work?


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Cowboy Bebob is actually what I would be going for in terms of style, also the soundtrack of Firefly. Both are kind of specific and might be a bit too weird in all situations, so basically I would go for some bluesy/jazzy feeling in city/tech surroundings and for country sounding music (maybe only instrumental) whenever you touch the wilderness (and with that I mean underdeveloped planets and stuff. The soundtrack of Deadwood comes to my mind for that.

Also: have you looked into Christopher Franke’s Perry Rhodan “soundtrack” and the work he did for Babylon 5? Might be something.

And for more spacy feelings: why not put on some of the more experimental Prog Rock things. A few songs by Pink Floyd, Yes or Jethro Tull might work wonders. Although, that might give a very 70s-ish style of a soundtrack

G. Neuner 2010-05-17 00:38 UTC

Good point. One of the reasons I think a retro soundtrack would work is that Traveller is in a way a Retro Future. We would get rid of all the William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Charles Stross influences.

 Perry Rhodan… Damn it, I was subscribed for a while!

One problem I have with the prog rock is the lyrics. If people start singing in the background I cannot help but listen. “Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?” I must avoid that.

Deadwood & Firefly, two shows I haven’t seen, yet. :(

Maybe I’ll start with a small collection of Jazz for cities and build it from there.

AlexSchroeder 2010-05-17 08:18 UTC

Me, I recommend Philip Glass. For moderate pace, use something from Glassworks:

For driving fast, there is NOTHING like The Photographer

DanielMacKay 2010-05-17 11:35 UTC

I actually had a mix of different styles of Music for different parts of the game:

  • For the visit to the Drug Baron’s Den I used Music from the Diva OST, Macross Plus OST and Gotan Project (all more quiet stuff with piano and/or female singers)
  • For the space drift stuff, I had a mix of Swod/Gehen, Amon Tobin, Gotan, some more orchestral pieces from Diva and a smaller selection from the Macross Plus OST – almost ephemeral, ambient at times
  • For possible action scenes, I had The Tea Party, some more Amon Tobin, Diva, the Seventh Sign OST and again a smaller selection from the Macross Plus OST - more upbeat and loud stuff.
  • for tension parts like the second space walk after the explosion, I had more Seventh Sign, other parts from Diva and Macross Plus - muted, choral parts

For next wednesday’s game, I’m still trying to find the right music, but I have some ideas. For the high king of Axaze I think brass heavy classical music may be good, with a dash of John Zorn for when the shit hits the fan. And then there are some other groups that deserve their own sound scape (without spoiling too much). Btw, I do this less for the game and more for me to have aural cues as to what kind of mood I want to convey. I hope it works.

Harald Wagener 2010-05-17 13:09 UTC

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