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  • 07:40 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2015-10-09 Oddmuse and Mojolicious . . . . AlexSchroeder Hehe, indeed. The point is, however, that I want some sort of plan that will allow me to incrementally develop a solution. Mojolicious::Plugin::CGI does a lot of what I want. It integrates into Mojolicious and thus logging, forking, and so on. It handles input and output. The only thing that's… [en]


  • 19:04 UTC (diff) (history) List of Open Books . . . . Jennifer [en]
  • 15:09 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2013-06-27 Text Mapper for Traveller . . . . AlexSchroeder Yeah, the problem is that the UWP Generator doesn't produce the output format necessary for Text Mapper. You need to create the Text Mapper input manually. The easiest solution would be to just print out multiple subsectors and connect them manually. For my own Fantasy mapping needs, I often find… [en]
  • 12:53 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2015-06-21 Jessie . . . . Alex Schroeder I've been looking at the systemctl status reports. I've got systemd-modules-load: Failed to find module 'apm_emu' and pommed: Failed to start LSB: Apple laptops hotkeys event handler. I'm guessing these two are not related to X11 freezing. [en]
  • 09:03 UTC (new) (history) 2015-10-09 Oddmuse and Mojolicious . . . . Alex Schroeder I'm trying to run Oddmuse within a Perl web framework: Mojolicious using Mojolicious::Plugin::CGI. It won't be as perfect as a true Mojolicious app, but it will still be much faster than a simple CGI script. When running as a CGI script, every request loads Perl and compiles all the modules –… [en]













  • 14:01 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2015-09-10 Combat using Two Rows Per Side . . . . Alex Schroeder I like "roll 1 hit your buddy". That's easy enough to understand. I'm not going to use it for the moment because I don't use fumbles anywhere else. As for area effects like fireball and lightning bolt, we've usually just eyeballed it at the table. The one rule I use is that you can attack "all your… [en]