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2006-06-02 Software

Since forcer and Riastradh seem to use and like Scheme48, I decided to give it (and Scsh) another try. I browsed through the FAQ, started wondering about continuations again, and decided to pick up The Scheme Programming Language by R. Kent Dybvig and read it up. (I own the 2nd edition, which is also available online. See Section 3.3. Continuations.)


Maybe I should do the exercises.

I read about continuations in the Scheme Wiki, but decided that their explanation was not too clear, either. They start with non-local exists, which is an application of continuations, but non-local exists don’t make the connection to what a continuation actually is. Or at least what I believe it to be.

I then wrote Continuations, and will have to ask a Scheme head to look at it when I have the time.


Comments on 2006-06-02 Software

Continuations always seemed to be a difficult part of the Scheme language that would also cause me to throw my hands up in the air and provide an excuse to give up on learning to use the language. However graceful and amazing continuations are (and they’re constantly trumpeted as such), they really aren’t a fundamental aspect of the language. It shouldn’t keep you from putting Scheme to work in your daily activities.

I didn’t know Dybvig’s book was online. Thanks for pointing that out.

AaronHawley 2006-06-03 00:17 UTC

I think the second edition is online because the third edition is in print or something like that.

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-03 09:36 UTC

Actually, it looked like the third edition to me.

AaronHawley 2006-06-03 15:51 UTC

Well, it says 2nd edition on – and that’s the URL I found via Google. But I see now that the 3rd edition is available, too:


AlexSchroeder 2006-06-03 16:19 UTC

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2006-06-04 Oddmuse

Oddmuse coding:

  1. Oddmuse:Indexed Search now affects all code that does searches automatically, eg. the <search> tag.
  2. Oddmuse:Front Page Extension can now use a search term
  3. Oddmuse:Search List Extension produces a list of linked pages matching a term

I must solve the quoting issue. Now the pattern is <aggregate search “foo”> for example, but double quotes are important characters when searching for phrases. Argh! I think i need to make these optional.


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2006-06-05 Books

With some books getting cheaper all the time, but Amazon’s shipping limit staying the same, it gets ever harder to reach those EUR 20 when ordering a book or two for the book club. Positive problems… :)


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2006-06-05 Spam

More gathering of numbers. At home, ThunderBird downloads three days worth mail and finds 29 non-spam, and 413 spam mails, 442 in total. A quick scroll through the spam mails reveals no false positives. Just looking at subject and sender, I was able to find 17 more spam mails in my 29 non-spam mail. One more email required a look at the body to determine it was spam. In total, I therefore got 413+17+1=431 spam emails. Thunderbird only identified 413/431=95.8% of my spam as spam. It would be nice to see this climb up to 98%!

I still get an amazing 431/442=97.5% spam.

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2006-06-06 England

TelePolis über die Aktion mit 250 Polizisten, die ein Haus stürmten und einen der Verdächtigen angeschossen haben: “Der Rest der Familie wurde 12 Stunden lang verhört und anschließend ohne Anklage freigelassen.” [1]

Ich hoffe wirklich, dass mir so etwas nie passiert.

The Times Online article also mentions how the neighbours claim having been hit by the butt of a machinegun or kicked. [2]

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2006-06-06 Switzerland Pictures

Wir waren am Wochenende auf dem Üetliberg: Wir sind vom Triemli bis nach Felsenegg gewandert.

Der Üetlibergwald ist grün... Claudia am Üetliberg Blick vom Üetliberg ins Reppischtal vom Uto Kulm Blick auf den Zürisee von Felsenegg aus

Interesting picture for our friends in India:

Sood, the village!


Comments on 2006-06-06 Switzerland Pictures

I’m going global!

AadityaSood 2006-06-06 05:58 UTC

There’s your hometown:

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-06 09:31 UTC

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2006-06-07 Copyright

The !AllOfMP3 situation is getting more interesting.

Note: I’m afraid of linking to it, that’s how bad the situation is!! Some time ago Heise wrote:

Die Musikindustrie macht ihre Drohung wahr und mahnt Website-Betreiber ab, die Links auf die russische Musik-Download-Plattform !AllofMP3 setzen. [1]

And since this server is situated in Germany…


Back to the !AllofMP3 situation: Heise writes that the US wants Russia to take the service down before Russia is allowed to join the WTO. [2]


Here’s what the IFPI claims: is not a legal service either in Russia or anywhere else. It is distributing music without any permission from the artists or copyright holders. Unlike all the legitimate sites, it does not pay artists or copyright holders so it is effectively stealing from those who create music. [3]

As far as I understand, this is not true.

Here’s an ! statement from Slyck:

The site ! belongs to a Russian company and for 6 years it has operated within the country, in full compliance with all Russian laws. Throughout this period the various government offices have scrutinized site’s legality and have not found any breach of the law. So far there has been no decision by any Russian court contesting the site’s legality. […] The site ! does regularly transfer substantial amounts of royalties to the Russian organizations for collective management of rights such as ROMS and FAIR, which have granted the site licenses to legally deliver music through the Internet. [4]

Sounds like the IFPI is bullshitting us.

No permission is required when paying to collecting societies, and clearly they are paying.

And – shame on us! – these guys have their “registered office” in Zürich! [5]

Of all places. :'(

I foresee the following next step: ! will block access from all countries that join this maneuver, thereby accepting the point of view that a person should pay the collecting society of the customer’s country, not the collecting society of the service provider’s country. (Something I find far from obvious.)

What does that remind me of?

It reminds me of the great Internet firewalls around China, Iran, and other countries governed by terrible regimes. Only that we let companies and big business do this to us, where as in other countries, it’s their evil government.


Comments on 2006-06-07 Copyright

Obviously they mean the US law, not the russian law :(

Radomir Dopieralski 2006-06-07 14:02 UTC

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2006-06-07 Germany

Heise über eine geplante Demo in Berlin: “Bürgerrechtsgruppen rufen zu einer Protestkundgebung gegen die drohende “Totalüberwachung” durch den Großen Bruder und seine kleinen Geschwister in der Wirtschaft.” [1]

Organisiert wird auf ← interessanter Name. :)

Privacy is not a crime T-Shirt I like their list of T-Shirts:

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2006-06-08 Copyright England

Gemäss Heise anscheinend vernünftige Worte zum Thema DRM in England:

Die Balance zwischen Verwerter- und Nutzerrechten im Copyright, die erst eine tragfähige Basis für Kreativität, Innovation und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung mit sich bringe, müsse neu austariert werden. [1]

Das Originalpapier muss ich allerdings zuerst noch lesen. (PDF)

Nice post by KevinMarks on the subject, trying to figure out what the confused statements in different directions all at once might mean. [2]


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2006-06-08 Germany

Germany seems to be following in the footsteps of the big brother accross the ocean instead of learning from lessons in Iraq, according to TelePolis: They’re sending troops (less than 1000) to ensure the safety of the coming elections in Congo (a country as big as western Europe with about 58M people). The mind boggles. The article then goes on to talk about national interest, the rising prices rare metals used in mobile phones, the new security strategy in Germany, and other such things. [1]

Not much different from what I dislike about the USA, just on a smaller scale. And denying the similarities, but dodging when asked whether the troops with their “humanitarian” goals would also help nationalize the mines (as Morales is doing in Bolivia) for the good of the people.


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2006-06-11 Oblivion

I’d love to play more Oblivion, but I somehow don’t have the time! I guess I’m wasting too much time on Oddmuse. :)

I noticed that I feel bad in the current quest: I’m fighting to liberate a town, and several soldiers joined me. One by one, they died. And being the kind of character I am, I have no “heal other” or “protect other” spells. The sad part is that some of these soldiers have individual names. And their corpses stay behind. So whenever I come back to that square in front of the temple, I see my fellow fighters, dead. :(


Comments on 2006-06-11 Oblivion

Not a waste of time at all :)

greywulf 2006-06-11 18:29 UTC

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2006-06-11 Oddmuse

Based on a request by Oddmuse:Auriea Harvey I added some more code to Oddmuse:Indexed Search so that you can now add tags to uploaded images. And I tweaked search so that the entire ^#FILE weirdness is gone – you can now search for filenames and MIME types of uploaded files just as for anything else.

And my unit tests: 862 passed, 0 failed. I love it.

Also note how my new blogging module will hopefully change how I use page titles: 2006-06-12 Wandern auf den Rigi (with pictures).

I kept working on it and posted some notes on Oddmuse:2006-06-11 Blogging.


Comments on 2006-06-11 Oddmuse

Good to see oddmuse going in the right direction : the tagging and the ability to write a title for a blog post (that shows up in the RSS journal feed)

Vagn 2006-06-17 20:57 UTC

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2006-06-12 Wandern auf den Rigi (with pictures)

Am Sonntag bin ich von Arth auf den Rigi gewandert (mit dem Zug von Zürich nach Zug, mit dem Bus via Walchwil nach Arth), und zurück nach Goldau (und von Arth-Goldau nach Zürich mit dem Zug).

Karte: Arth, Rigi, Goldau

Notice the haze on these pictures:

Blick vom Rigi auf Arth hinab Blick vom Rigi über Goldau hinweg auf den Lauerzer See Blick vom Rigi zurück ins Mittelland über den Zugersee Auf dem Rigi, Blick auf die Alpen


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2006-06-12 suicide is asymmetrical warfare

CharlieStross – a science fiction writer I have enjoyed in the past (eg. 2005-12-13 Books) and whose blog I still enjoy – rants about the situation in Guantánamo. He concludes with the following: “But meanwhile, kindly reflect: if you support the war on terror, then you’re also supporting a policy that has brought concentration camps back to the western world.” [1]

In his addendum [2], he has two or three quotes from The Guantanamo Detainees: The Government's Story (PDF), prepared by legal academics from Seton Hall Law School who acted as defense advocates for the detainees.

Hierzu auch ein Artikel bei TelePolis. [3]


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2006-06-13 Ausländer in Deutschland

TelePolis zitiert aus einem Bericht (PDF) der Bundesstatistiker: 19% der Einwohner sind Einwanderer oder Kinder von Einwanderern. Beim kurzen überfliegen des Dokumentes ist mir im Kapitel “Migration” sonst nichts interessantes aufgefallen. Ein Grossteil der Diskussion betrifft die Definition von “Migrationshintergrund” und “Migrationserfahrung” und so weiter, und dann gibt es noch ein paar nicht besonders aufregende Alterspyramiden.

Hier in der Schweiz kenne ich nur die Zahlen über die Ausländer. Hier muss man je nach Herkunftsland bis zu zehn Jahren im gleichen Kanton leben und arbeiten, bis man Schweizer werden darf.

Zurück zum Telepolis Artikel. Ich fand die Prognose zur Bevölkerungszusammensetzung und die Schlussfolgerung für die Integrationspolitik gut:

Inzwischen kommt jedes dritte Baby aus einer Familie, in der mindestens ein Elternteil eingewandert ist. Hält der gegenwärtige Trend an, wird das Verhältnis in nur zehn Jahren 1:1 betragen. Angesichts dieser Zahlen auf Repression statt Integration zu setzen, wie es die Linie der großen Koalition zu sein scheint, ist schlechtweg selbstmörderischer Wahnsinn. [1]

Ein paar Paragraphen weiter oben fand ich auch die Formulierung interessant, “dass sich die Politiker der großen Parteien auch künftig den Realitäten verschließen können, in dem sie weiter Integration fordernd, deren Voraussetzungen verweigern, um den Stammtisch zu bedienen und zugleich soziale Probleme zu ethnisieren.” (Mit zwei Links auf weitere Telepolis Artikel [2][3].)


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2006-06-13 Brazil vs. Switzerland

Clearly there must be about twenty times as many Brazilians than Swiss people living in my neighbourhood. Switzerland played 0:0 against France, and there was some honking. Brazil started to lead 1:0 against Croatia and the street is going bonkers. People crowding the street, traffic slowing to a crawl, flag waving, Samba, cheering, chanting, honking, whistling…

Windows users use VLC to view the .3gp file. More info about the format: Wikipedia:3GP, DeutscheWikipedia:3gp.

I like the party mood at first, but as it drags on, more and more drunks start shaking the passing cars, climbing on their roofs, trying to climb into car windows, and some have pressurized horns blowing them at people, some people dancing with joy but others throwing bottles at passing cars, the drivers in turn get angry sometimes and step onto the gas pedal, accelerating towards the crowd, and so on. Mass phenomena make the extremes more visible. If I watch it for too long I have the urge to pour cold water onto some of them. Or a potted plant. >{


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2006-06-14 Kultur-Flatrate in Schweden diskutiert

In Schweden wird gemäss Heise die Kultur-Flatrate wieder diskutiert. [1] Mit der Reform in den USA ist auch keiner Zufrieden – die Geldgeier fürchten Einnahmeverluste, die EFF fürchtet die unsorgfältige Formulierung. [2] In Frankreich ist die Reform mit der Kultur-Flatrate ja leider wieder gekippt worden. Es bleibt bei der Reform im Sinne der Geldgeier. [3]

Wo wir gerade dabei sind: In Deutschland ist ja möglich, wegen den unmöglichsten Dingen “abgemahnt” zu werden. Was das für eine Katastrophe für jeden einzelnen von uns sein kann, illustriert ein älterer Artikel, auch bei Heise: Ein 16 jähriger bastelt ein Homepage, holt sich Bilder von einer Seite “free” irgenwas – aber diese sind kostenpflichtig. Bei einer ordentlichen Lizenz wären maximal EUR 734 fällig geworden, aber mittels Abmahnung wird ein Gegenstandswert von EUR 33K veranschlagt, daraus eine Aufwandserstattung von EUR 1099 errechnet, und nachträglich Lizenzgebühren von EUR 2700 zusätzlich verlangt. [4]



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2006-06-14 Nein zur Netzneutralität

Heise kommentiert die Abstimmung im US Repräsentantenhaus. Die Netzneutralität wird nicht festgeschrieben. Was ich davon halten soll, weiss ich auch nicht. Interessiert das Otto Normalverbraucher, oder nur “die Grossen” – also ein Thema für die globalisierten Firmen dieser Welt. Falls dem so wäre, dann sollen sich doch deren Anwälte untereinander beschäftigen. [1]

Auf der SaveTheInternet Seite gibt es mehr zum Thema Netz-Neutralität. Dort gibt es auch eine Liste von “Past Abuses”. [2]


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2006-06-15 My PC got fried

There it is. Today, Claudia’s SlackWare box wouldn’t start anymore. A quick wirr on the harddisk, then silence. No output on the monitor. BIOS wasted?

I decided to buy a Mac Mini!

I thought about it before (2005-02-06 Software, 2006-03-01 Gadgets, 2006-03-06 Gadgets) – and today, as I walked Claudia to her studio, I decided to take a look at the nearby Eschenmooser. I didn’t know that they had 10% off today, so I was lucky.

I bought:

  1. Mac Mini, 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo, but didn’t upgrade to 1GB of RAM. Maybe ~512KB~ 512MB is enough. CHF 1107
  2. Mighty Mouse. CHF 67.60
  3. Keyboard with Swiss-German layout. CHF 35.10
  4. Iomega 250GB external harddisk CHF 287.30
  5. Enclosure so that I can put the old harddisks there and rescue my data. CHF 89.30

Total: CHF 1586.30 (USD 1300)

Now I need ext2/ext3 drivers for the Mac…

On the ever-helpfull EmacsChannel, I got some info regarding my fried PC:

20:17 alephnull
kensanata: The last time that happened to me, the RAM had fried itself. Special beeps at bootup ?
20:20 kensanata
alephnull: no, it seems to be touching all the discs, but no bios output, the “purring” is right, but then the mbr with lilo is not run…
20:22 alephnull
kensanata: BIOS damage would fail POST, I think. But it does look like something non-trivial.
20:24 schlick
kensanata: Might want to check for a dead power supply (they can be putting out some power, enough to spin fans, but not enough to work properly) or leaky capacitors on the motherboard (brown or black on the silvery tops of the little popcan looking things). Those are my guesses as to the most likely causes.

In the mean time, I’m downloading software upgrades on the new Mini.

Back to my file rescue mission. I installed the Ext2 drivers from the ext2fsx project on my old iBook running OSX 10.3.9, plugged in the external USB drive, and waited. And lo and behold! It mounted the various partitions on the drive!

Unfortunately, it was not possible to simply copy the folders via the network to the new drive connected to the second computer. Permission problems. In the ext2 preferences panel I indicated that I did not want permissions used on these partitions, and started fooling around. I did a sudo su and tried to create a tar file, thinking that it might circumvent the permission problem.

Kernel panic! A little transparent box tells me I have to reboot my Mac!


I do that, and my drives are no longer mounted automatically. The readme just said to run fsck_ext2 on the devices to repair them if they did not automount. At first the disc did not show up in /dev, however, so I was confused: What device? After asking around on IRC, I realized that the disc had reappeared in the meantime:

alpinobombus:/usr/local/sbin alex$ ls /dev/disk* /dev/disk0 /dev/disk0s3 /dev/disk2s1 /dev/disk2s3 /dev/disk2s6 /dev/disk0s1 /dev/disk2 /dev/disk2s2 /dev/disk2s5 /dev/disk2s7

So then I started to run commands such as fsck_ext2 -C 0 -p /dev/disk2s5 – they take forever! The -C 0 makes sure you get to see a progress bar, and the -p makes sure you don’t have to answer questions when fsck encounters problems. Just fix it, man!

I guess this is taking forever because I’m doing this via USB.


I can’t believe that I finally finished checking all the disks, mounted them using disktool -m disk2, opened one of them in the Finder, started browsing, and got another fucking kernel panic!


Now I’m running for p in 1 2 3 5 6 7; do fsck_ext2 -C 0 -p /dev/disk1s$p; done and I’m hating it.

I noticed that all filenames with Latin-1 encoded characters in their filenames got shortened: From the first non-ASCII byte onwards, everything was replaced by a questionmark. (Latin-1 characters result in invalid UTF-8 encoding.) Thus, copying the directories resulted in duplicate files on the target system. Then I produced a file list using find and had no problems doing it. Then I tried to copy the files using cp – and another fucking kernel panic!!!


I’m running for p in 1 2 3 5 6 7; do fsck_ext2 -C 0 -p /dev/disk1s$p; done again. Current mood: ice cold death.

Some time later…

Ok, I think I have all the data now. Luckily enough I didn’t have too many files with Latin-1 encoded names. I also noticed that browsing directories with such files in the Finder doesn’t crash the system, it just truncates the names. Thus, I was able to copy large parts of our home directories going directory by directory, and then skip or rename the truncated filenames – actually if I had several files called ver? I had to copy one, rename it on the HFS drive, then copy the other, and rename it as well. As I said, once I got the knack of it, it wasn’t too much work.

I also got into the habit of mounting the external hard disk, going to the ext2fs preferences, and make sure the partitions were all mounted read-only. That saved me from fsck-via-USB terror on the two or three occasions it still crashed.

I also had to set the jumper for one of the old disc drives to “Master” because “Cable Select” (CS) didn’t work: The drive would not mount.

Let’s see whether I remember any thing else…

Ah yes, I didn’t like the quality of the enclosure’s internal stuff (Pyrogate). The IDE plug and the power plug for the drive didn’t fit well, so it required grippers to unplug the bastards. The damn thing also got very hot, and the fan was always blowing. I can’t believe the 250G Iomega external drive I bought is so incredibly quiet. Well done! (Up until today I’ve been very happy with the Pyrogate “business drives”, however: Very small external drives that worked very well for backing up my iBook.)


Comments on 2006-06-15 My PC got fried

Maybe you could use a PPC Live-CD (from Ubuntu, for example), which can read/write both ext2/3 drives and the native Mac drives. Note: I’ve never tried writing to a native Mac drive from GNU/Linux, so I’m not sure whether it’s supported. Can’t hurt to try though.

MichaelOlson 2006-06-16 13:56 UTC

Yeah, I tried to use my Kubuntu Live CD to do just that but failed. The Linux machine wouldn’t mount the external drives.

Anyway, I think I managed to rescue all the data now! There’s just two months of pictures in 2003 that are still lost, but I have them on DVD in the office somewhere. At least I hope I do. :)

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-16 20:53 UTC

I never had luck mounting ext2/3 partitions on my Mac, so all my data exchange goes over an external Firewire/USB drive formatted with FAT32 (brrr).

You definitely should think about upgrading to 1GB of RAM – it’s worth the money. And BTW: 512 _kilo_byte don’t seem to be enough RAM ;)

Jean Pierre 2006-06-24 17:18 UTC

Hah, you are so right. 512KB? What was I thinking – even our old 286 had more RAM than that! :) It had 1MB, but the memory above 640KB could only be used via a special himem.sys file or something like that…

As for FAT32 – is that the same as VFAT? If so, the 2GB filesize limit has been getting on my nerves a lot lately. I hadn’t realized that at least two of my ISO images have been truncated due to that fact (because I had not understood and therefore ignored the error messages at the time).

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-24 17:42 UTC

Yes, vfat and FAT32 are the same thing.

I also sometimes run into the 2GB limit, mostly when I record some TV shows with my dBox2 and want to cut the ads out, burning the film afterwards on DVD (unfortunately I ordered my PowerBook without a DVD burner).

It’s a pity that Mac OS does not support other file systems than HFS/HFSplus/UFS/vfat natively. Hopefully we’ll have more luck with ZFS in future versions of Linux and OS X.

Jean Pierre 2006-06-24 21:17 UTC

ًWell, for the moment I’m using HFS+ for most of the things. There are enough problems for a guy like in this environment: Case: The system knows that Abba is not ABBA but you cannot have both Abba and ABBA in the same directory. Plus it uses UTF-8 NFD instead of UTF-8 NFC as is the standard on the web. Thus if you take bytes encoding a filename from the web and create the file, or if you go the other way, everything depends on your libraries. I’ve had a problem where I stored an index of such files somewhere, and there the name was encoded in NFC and thus I was never able to open the proper files again. Except for ASCII files. :)

This means that I don’t really like to use HFS+ on a Linux system.

At the same time, the ext2fs stuff is so brittle on the Mac.

There’s no easy way out.

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-24 21:43 UTC

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2006-06-15 Spam

ThunderBird detected 311 spams, 28 remain. Quick scan of the 311 spams shows no false positives. I find 12 spams in the remaining 28 with a quick scan.

Spam detection: (311+12)/311 = 96.3% – good!

Spam received: (311+12)/(311+28) = 95.3% – as bad as always…

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2006-06-15 The difference between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian terrorist

ElectronicIntifada posted an interesting article, describing a terrorrist shooting people in a bus, one of the victims grabbing the gun, onlookers storming in and killing the terrorrist. The victims are buried – and then the police starts to investigate the lynching and rounds up seven suspects and puts them to trial.

The story starts to make sense when you realize that the terrorrist was an Israeli soldier killing Palestinians in a bus.

Well, I agree that people should be put on trial for the lynching. But obviously the court should decide that it was legitimate self-defense to attack the soldier, and extenuating circumstances. I don’t believe in the death penalty, and thus I cannot condone a lynch mob killing a criminal, no matter what his crime. Self-defense might not have required the killing of the soldier, for example.

The injustice is more apparent in the lack of compensation for Palestinian victims compared to the compensation of Israelian victims because a soldier cannot be a terrorrist, the lack of investigation into the negligence leading up to the killing-spree – apparently there were early warning signs that got ignored, the use of obvious fanatic racists in the army, and the double-standard when you compare it to other stories of Israeli massacres of Palestinians.

“Israel has shown time and again that it selectively enforces law and order, depending on the ethnicity of killer and victim.” [1]


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2006-06-17 Australia abandoning Geneva Conventions

TelePolis reports that Australia will not treat prisoners made in Afghanistan as prisoners of war according to the Geneva Conventions. Just like the USA and Canada, Australia will treat these people as “enemy combatants”.

The evil is spreading.

I wonder: If they are not prisonsers of war, and not prisoners according to Austrialian common law, nor prisoners of Afghan civil law: What are they? Pieces of living flesh, at the mercy of their captors: They will be treated humanely, one hears. But clearly humane treatment is not a right that is to be defended at court. It’s a present, a reward for cooperation and the licking of boots.

Of course terrorists don’t take prisoners of war, either. But if we lower ourselves to their standard, what the fuck are we fighting for?

Not yet. Not yet. And not if we can prevent it, I hope.


Comments on 2006-06-17 Australia abandoning Geneva Conventions

Well said. It’s absolutely outrageous that countries are detaining people indefinitely.

MichaelOlson 2006-06-17 23:55 UTC

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2006-06-17 Möbel aus Massivholz

Irgendwie hätte ich gerne Möbel aus Massivholz. Ich bin die Billigmöbel satt, die zur Hälfte aus Papier oder Sägemehl und zur anderen Hälfte aus Kleber bestehen, die dann entweder nur furniert sind, oder wo dann sogar das Furnier aus Kunststoff besteht. Unsere Dreizimmerwohnung hat schon ein künstliches “Parkett” aus Laminat.

Leider haben wir allerdings a. keinen Platz und b. sind diese Möbel verdammt teuer (mehrere tausend Franken pro Stück). Das habe ich ja auch schon früher geschrieben (2006-02-27).

Ich muss wirklich mal mehr daran arbeiten.


  1. Ich muss eine Lösung für den kleinen ausziehbaren Tisch und all die Stühle von Claudia finden. Der Tisch gehört eigentlich der Grossmutter und kann nicht ohne weiteres entsorgt werden.
  2. Ein paar Adressen für Offerten sammeln. Ich habe schöne Tische aus Massivholz bei Max Steiner an der Predigergasse 12 gesehen. “Antikschreinerei, Restaurationen, neue Möbel aus Massivholz”. Auch die Hobel Genossenschaft hat zumindest einen Verkaufsraum beim Neumarkt (aber in Verzeichnissen findet man eine Adresse aus Altstetten…) – dort gibt es auch einen schönen langen Tisch mit Bank, Stuhl, und schöne Hocker. Die Möbel sehen etwas leichter aus, weil sich die Füsse nach unten hin etwas verjüngen. Auch an der Schreinerei Rundumholz an der Müllerstrasse 47 im Kreis 4 bin ich schon oft vorbei gegangen, und habe sehnsüchtig auf die Tische geblickt. Im Branchenverzeichnis der WOZ 2006 habe ich zudem den Namen der Schreinerei im Kreis 5 gefunden, an der ich früher auch oft vorbeigegangen bin: Handwerkskollektiv.
  3. Grossen Tisch kaufen, der das ganze Wohnzimmer dominiert! :)

Zwei schöne Beispiele mit Massen, Bild und Preis fand ich übringens beim Handwerkskollektiv: Nussbaum mit Holzbeinen, und Nussbaum U-förmig. Beide je nach Modell und verwendetem Holz zwischen CHF 2600 und CHF 4200.


Comments on 2006-06-17 Möbel aus Massivholz

Die Bilder, die als link angegeben waren haben mich nicht ueberzeugt. Ich habe mir die Tische noch massiver vorgestellt, die du eventuell kaufen willst. Wir haben unseren Tisch auf dem Markt gekauft, eine rustikale Version. Ich muss sehen, ob ich ein Photo habe.

– Helmut Schroeder 2006-06-18 01:14 UTC

Hm, hier noch ein anderes Beispiel für einen Nussbaumtisch. Dieser rustikale Ton, klare Linien und rechte Winkel gefällt mir halt. Schwer muss es nicht sein – ich will einfach nicht Möbel aus Spanholz.

Aber eben, im Moment wir erst einmal geträumt, denn die alten Tische kann ich auch nicht einfach loswerden. :)

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-18 11:47 UTC

brokenhaus ist auch ein guter tipp, wenn nicht allzuviel geld ausgegen werden soll. oder erben. ;)

zeno 2006-06-19 09:47 UTC

Oder selber bauen. Es gibt ja in Züri etliche Quartiertreffs mit professionellen Werkplätzen. Dort kann man für wenig Geld was selber bauen (z.T. inkl. Support)…

2ni 2006-06-19 14:56 UTC

Monate später… Und, schon etwas selber gebaut? :)

In der Nähe der neuen Wohnung gefunden: Reseda. Dort werden wir mal nach Tisch und Bänken Ausschau halten…

AlexSchroeder 2007-12-07 22:43 UTC

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2006-06-19 Spam Statistics on the O'Reilly Radar

The O'Reilly Radar has a mail by the mail admin showing how much crap their mail server is handling. [1]


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2006-06-19 Using only proprietary Apple software

I recently bought a Mac Mini (2006-06-15 My PC got fried) for Claudia. I remember how I quit using most of Apple’s software on my iBook. Apple Works sucked for the kind of stuff I write; Emacs is a better editor than Text Edit. I deleted the Microsoft Office trial software, and most importantly, Mail sucked and without Mail, the Addressbook was useless, too (2005-02-21 Software). I moved on to ThunderBird.

But this is a new version of OS X (Tiger instead of Panther), so I decided to let Claudia try non-free software again. If they were well-integrated, why not? I am already using iTunes (although I heard good things about Amarok) and iPhoto, and I have always felt frustrated with the Thunderbird Addressbook. So let Claudia try Apple’s Mail + Addressbook for a while. I’ll report back.

I also set up iChat for her so that she can chat with me when I’m at work and she’s at home (using an AIM handle).

We’ll get NeoOffice for the Intel Macs when it’s out, however. July 1st, 2006.

The machine name, by the way, is Pyrobombus [1]. The old SlackWare machine was called Confusibombus [2]. My iBook is called Alpinobombus [3].

Bumble bees rule!

Talk about hostnames: 2003-08-26, 2005-12-10, and Comments on 2005-12-10. ;)


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2006-06-20 GP2X, an open and portable game console

Via MichaelOlson [1], a GP2X site [2], and a review [3]: It has all the arcade emulators, and TV output. Ohhhh… I hate playing emulators on my desktop or laptop because I want a good pad and don’t have one.

I think I’d like getting one of these. And Michael is porting NetHack to the GP2X. I wonder whether I shall ever see the bottom of the gnomish mines again. Only reached it once and died soon after. Damn.


Comments on 2006-06-20 GP2X, an open and portable game console

Now that Gamepark Holdings has improved the hardware of the GP2X, I can fully recommend it (before there were some annoyances with the joypad and headphone jack). Let me know if/when you get one and I’ll send you a starter kit with emus and stuff :^) .

MichaelOlson 2006-06-20 14:09 UTC

I’ve ordered it! :)

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-20 16:51 UTC

Got it!

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-29 10:02 UTC

Michael released his latest version of Nethack for the gp2x.

AlexSchroeder 2006-07-23 11:05 UTC

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2006-06-21 Der Geheimdienst gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen

In einer Heise Meldung zum EU-US Gipfel (EU-US Summit, 21 June, Vienna) heisst es:

Das von […] vorgestellte Programm umfasst eine engere Zollzusammenarbeit, die Einrichtung gemeinsamer Teams zur Durchsetzung von Urheberrechts- und Patentansprüchen in Drittländern und den Austausch geheimdienstlicher Erkenntnisse. [1]

Den “Austausch geheimdienstlicher Erkenntnisse” für die gemeinsamen Bekämpfung von sogenannter Produktpiraterie und Urheberrechtsvergehen? Es wird immer besser…

Not only will the secret service help find copyright violaters, they also note that so-called theft of intellectual property entails “significant health and safety risks”. These guys are amazing.

The EU and the US are together in the fight against the theft of intellectual property which seriously injure our most modern, innovative, and quality driven industries and entail significant health and safety risks for consumers. (PDF)


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2006-06-21 People have feelings...

KevinMarks says: “I am feeling very impressed with We Feel Fine.”

I am impressed, too. They collect “feelings” from all the blogs out there every ten minutes [1] and visualize it [2]. It works for me. I feel like I belong, and I feel disturbed by the humongous data harvesting. Look at some of the pictures. Imagine some of your own blog pictures showing up there. How did you feel at the time? Would you have imagined other people looking at the picture, your sentence, and wondering?

I absolutely love the minute details of the userinterface. The movement, the anonymous dots, the colors, movements, the relevation, the exploding the sentence, all those tiny effects truly evoke the mystery of seeing masses of people and discovering how they feel. To realize that all of them have feelings, to realize how strange and alien some are, how mundane your own feelings are… As I said, I am impressed.


Comments on 2006-06-21 People have feelings...

Heh, I ran it, and the first dot under my cursor said ‘sheepish’…

TheSheep 2006-06-21 17:54 UTC

“You are lucky! Full moon tonight.” :)

AlexSchroeder 2006-06-21 18:30 UTC

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2006-06-22 A lovely programming language rant

Tour de Babel, by an Amazon software engineer. Read it. :)

The site promotes a graphical mud called Wyvern. I decided to give it a try. ;)

Hm, both installer and java-only version of the game crash on a dual Monitor Windows XP machine at work.


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2006-06-22 Das neue iSync versteht unser Nokia 6230i

At last! We now have software to sync our mobile phones with a computer. Claudia and I each own a Nokia 6230i. Well, she does starting today. Her phone is new, and we had to get data off the old phone onto the new one.

The Nokia 6230i phone does Bluetooth, but the iSync software on OS X 10.3 (“Panther”) was not able to sync contacts with it. Only a simple file transfer was possible. Or I was just too stupid to set it up. But it works with OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”) as we discovered yesterday.

Claudia’s addressbook is based upon a very old BBDB file we used to share many years back when both of us used Gnus to read mail. It contained about 800-900 contacts. Her old phone had contained 200-300 contacts.

The old phone is a Nokia 6610i without Bluetooth. What to do?

I copied all her contacts on the old phone to the SIM card. This copied several dozen numbers but still left many on the phone itself. Transferd SIM card and moved the contacts from the SIM onto the new phone. Ran iSync just to check. Seems to work! (Although it did take quite some time!)

Moved SIM card back to the old phone. Damn! In the first step, I had copied instead of moving! This time, I moved several dozen numbers from the phone to the SIM, transfered SIM and moved them onto the new phone. Transfer stopped after a while. I figured those were the duplicates that it would not transfer and decided to delete the contacts remaining on the SIM.

Big mistake! I discovered that the new phone’s memory was full. I had called iSync and synchronized all contacts – over a thousand by now. It seems that the phone cannot handle more than 1000 contacts. Talk about arbitrary limits. Bastards!

I had obviously deleted a few dozen contacts from the SIM that had no room on the phone. Argh! Perhaps I was lucky and those had been copied in the first run? We still don’t know whether we lost anybody important.

It turns out that iSync has an option to limit synchronization to contacts having a phone number. Very handy, because most of the old and useless contacts from our BBDB times only have Email addresses.

But now I had it figured out. Take the SIM, move contacts from the old phone to the SIM, transfer SIM, move contacts from the SIM to the new phone. Repeat. Then sync. Worked!

Claudia’s addressbook has around 1130 contacts, now.



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2006-06-22 Swiss Alps

Nice pictures of the Swiss Alps by a friend:

Daniel S. in the Alps


Comments on 2006-06-22 Swiss Alps


Noufal Ibrahim 2006-06-23 05:48 UTC

Wirklich fantastisches Bild!

Anonymous 2006-07-03 11:50 UTC

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2006-06-23 Schweizer füllen die Langstrasse

Nach dem Sieg der Schweiz über Südkorea: Die Schweiz kommt als Gruppenerster ins Achtelfinale…

Fans füllen die Langstrasse


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2006-06-25 Portugal - Holland

Ich war meinem kleinen Bruder zuliebe am Bellevue und habe Portugal gegen Holland geschaut. Unzählige gelbe Karten, vier rote Karten. So harte Spiele sehe ich nicht gerne.

Interessant war, wieviele tolle Torchancen Holland hatte und nicht nutzen konnte. Schade.


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2006-06-26 Ausweg aus der Privatisierungsfalle

Bei TelePolis ist ein interessantes Interview zu den negativen Folgen der Privatisierung uns seinen Spielarten (Private-Public-Partnerships) erschienen, sowie ein Hinweis auf mögliche Auswege: Basisarbeit, Genossenschaften, direkte Demokratie (Informationsveranstaltungen). [1]

Sowohl Coop als auch Migros – die beiden grössten Detailisten in der Schweiz – sind nicht Genossenschaften. [2] Und doch sieht man, dass beide immer mehr “profesionalisieren” und die demokratischen Mechanismen nach und nach aushebeln. Schade!

Aber im Fall der Migros kann man sich dagegen engagieren: Migros Genossenschaftler werden und für Sorgim stimmen: “Wir treten mit einer eigenen Wahlliste an die Parlamentswahlen 2008 der Migros an.”

Tönt gut!


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2006-06-28 Oddmuse Limericks

Radomir was throwing limericks on #oddmuse. I decided to contribute as well:

In the old days a man was shot when people were bored and days were hot. But the bomb was built by a moose who in his anger lit the fuse. But why? We know not. Which is odd.


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