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2007-11-02 Planes of Law

The boxed set Planes of Law by TSR arrived today – a campaign extension for Planescape, itself a campaign setting for AD&D 2nd ed. I like it! And I got a shrink-wrapped, as-new copy!

The poster maps are not as detailed as I would have liked. They are big, but that does not mean that they are filled with an endless amount of detail as typical city maps are these days. I love skimming through the books in the box. I’m comparing notes with the sections on the planes in the Dungeon Master Guide, and I’ll be sure to carefully study the Manual of the Planes and the Planar Handbook as well as the material provided by the Planewalker site in addition to the boxed sets.

Minor annoyance: The value of the package was such that the VAT exceeded CHF 5. Once it does that, I have to pay it. If the VAT stays below CHF 5, nothing happens. In this case the VAT was CHF 5.85. I have to pay this tax at the post office when I pick up the package. And I have to pay CHF 10 extra for this service. That’s a surprising extra CHF 15.85! Grrrr.

How did they arrive at CHF 5.85 VAT? I don’t know. The receipt says the package was worth CHF 77 – tells me that’s about USD 67. But the other receipt says that I paid USD 36.99 plus USD 19.50 shipping, ie. USD 56.49 in total. So even if they included shipping in the package value, that would not have explained the problem! I think it all boils down to lousy handwriting by the guy who filled in the form on the package. The Swiss guys then looked at it, somehow confused ~57 with ~67, and then figured that I had to pay tax.

Bummer. Even if I had wanted to complaing to the US customs, this will be hard to prove. And all I have to gain is CHF 5.85 because I doubt I’ll get the Swiss Post service charge back.

Inability to act → frustration!!

I think I have to go back to reading the material not worrying about the money.

Baator here I come!!


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2007-11-04 Drilling Machines

On the first day, the party recovered for spells and Zacharias discovered that he had contracted the Vanishing curse as he failed his saving throw and lost six points of charisma. We’re lucky it didn’t hit a PC who used Charisma as a dump stat… Zach went to St. Cuthbert’s church and asked Urikas for a Remove Curse and 2 × Lesser Restoration. Urikas healed him but obviously expected a grateful donation for the miraculous restoration. As it seems, Zacharias was either poor or stingy and she’ll keep an eye on him. Only the just shall find repose in St. Cuthbert’s shadow!

On the second day, the party explored Jzadirune some more, and managed to find a rich loot of small chainmail armor they were able to sell. The Wand of Cure Light Wounds also proved to be an excellent investment as dark creepers kept hiding in shadows and dealing sneak attack damage. On the plus side the party now pretty much knows where the elevator is, and they have found the part of the enclave that has been barricaded.

The conversation with the Mimic guarding Gehlve’s familiar was also quite funny as soon as we had decided that Fenyael’s missing bonus language was in fact Underdark.

The party also fought a medium spider hiding in an illusionary bath and shot two small spiders that were guarding a dead, dark stalker.

And the party found a one-armed drilling construct! Too bad the monster entry does not list the drill speed.

After the game we went to eat some Italian food, and there was a lot of RPG talk. And James volunteered to take over running the campaign! Yes! :D 👌 I rolled up a character right then and there: 12, 12, 13, 15, 16, 16. And I decided that I was going to play a human paladin with Skill Focus (diplomacy) and the Negotiator feat. Wheee!

It seems that we misplaced our trust in Stone. He took off with that spellbook we found, and we guess we’ll never know about the music box worth 200 gp he pilfered. Did he have any other party gold!?


Challenges overcome: A medium monstrous spider (CR 1), two small monstrous spiders (2 × CR ½), two dark creepers (2 × CR 3), the dark stalker boss Yuathib controlling this level (CR 4; he was cut down before he was able to say a word), damaged pulverizer automaton (CR 3), mimic (CR 4), collapsing cabinet (CR 1), spear trap (CR 2), tilt-and-tumble trap (CR 1) ⇒ ((1+1+3*3+1+2+1)*300+2*1350)/5 = 1260 XP per person.

; Aria: 1650 + 1440 = 3090 (Clr-1/Ftr-1 + new level) ; Borg: 1650 (Ftr-1) ; Fenyael: 1600 + 1440 + 50 = 3090 (Sor-2 + new level) ; Zacharias: 1600 + 1440 = 3040 (Sor-2 + new level) ; Wim: 625 + 1440 = 2065 (Rgr-1 + new level) ; Stone: took off!!


Comments on 2007-11-04 Drilling Machines

What about the drilling construct that was going to maul us, but that we so artfully converted to our cause?


– Adrian 2007-11-07 14:21 UTC

Absolutely! :)

The MM2 days “Spd 40 ft., burrow 5 ft” – burrowing should work, I guess. It just takes twice as long because there’s a 50% chance of it not working in any given round. But it’s out of my hands now with James taking over!

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-07 16:34 UTC

What was the name of the hobgoblin in charge of the slavers?

– Adrian 2007-11-12 20:14 UTC

I think the mimic said it was a guy called Kazmojen or some such.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-12 22:53 UTC

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2007-11-06 Grognard Prestige Class

Hit Die: d2.


To qualify to become a grognard, a player must fulfill all of the following criteria.

Race: Human or gnome.

Alignment: Any neutral

Skills: Diplomacy 8 ranks, Intimidate 4 ranks, Sense Motive 8 ranks.

Special: The player must prefer an older edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Class Skills

The grognard’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Diplomacy (Cha), Forgery (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (oratory), Knowledge (the dice), Knowledge (the rules), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), and Use Rope (Dex).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Table: The Grognard
Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1st +0+0+0+2House rule
2nd +0+1+0+3Turn player
3rd +0+2+1+3Convert player

Class Features

All of the following are Class Features of the grognard prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A grognard is not proficient with any weapon or armor.

House rule (Su): At 1st level, the grognard can make up a house rule as a free action whenever another player uses cites the official FAQ, one of the Rules of the Game articles, and new splat books as well as 3.0 edition books with better flavor.

Turn player (Su): At 2nd level, the grognard gains the ability to turn players that have upgraded to the new rules as a cleric of the same level.

Convert player (Sp): At 3rd level, a grognard can grapple another player as part of a move action. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity and grants a +4 bonus on the opposed charisma check when converting other players to the old edition.

Inspired by Garnfellow’s post about the 4E forum on EN World.


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2007-11-07 Planning the Campaign

Something I’ve been trying to do: Ask questions of my players now that the end of RedHandOfDoom is approaching. Here’s from Answer me these questions three by somebody without an obvious About page:

  1. Who are you? (One player wrote some background for his character. It was hilarious and explained all his personality quirks.)
  2. What do you want? Using the “three core beliefs” form might yield better results than just asking the question itself. I’ll have to think about it. I like the examples he gives.
  3. Who do you know? List three people you know, good or bad. I did something similar in my ShackledCity campaign on character creation. I asked all characters to give me a reason for knowing two other characters in the party, and for providing me with somebody else that might be interested in helping them, searching for them, and raising them if necessary. I think this gave the party a bit more cohesion than it would otherwise have had, and gives me at few NPCs to work with.

Flathead has also posted his questionaire on EN World. [1]

The first few questions are simple ratings from one to five:

  1. The amount of verbal descriptions of places, monsters, etc.
  2. The amount of combat
  3. Thinking, problem solving
  4. Number of role playing opportunities
  5. Number of life and death situations
  6. Use of miniatures
  7. Mood, setting
  8. Treasure and magic items

The rest require more time to answer:

  1. Do you feel that you are adventuring in a living and dynamic world?
  2. Do you feel challenged as an advanced player or do you feel that things are too easy?
  3. Do you feel that one character is favored too much?
  4. What player do you think plays the best as far as role-playing and overall playing?
  5. Which aspect of game play do you enjoy the most?
  6. Do you feel that I use any game rules that are useless, not needed, or should not be played with?
  7. Am I too lenient in dealing with character screwups?
  8. Do I cause the game to move too slowly?
  9. Do you feel that your character has the opportunity to be played to his fullest potential?


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2007-11-07 Subscription Model

“The Italian publisher confirmed that WotC will publish one Player’s Handbook, one DM Guide and one Monster Manual every year. It seems that successive editions will ‘correct’ mistakes and ‘update’ materials from previous books.” – Ciro Alessandro Sacco via EN World [1]

“Core rule book sequels will not be updates (mistake corrections) to previously released versions. These will be similar to the PHB to PHBII, DMG to DMGII, or MM to MMx. The game will still require use of the three core rule books (PHB, DMG, MM) and follow up titles will introduce new classes, DM options, and monsters respectively.” – Scott Rouse, D&D Brand Manager, in a reaction to the above news item, available in the updated news item


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2007-11-08 Moving

We’re moving from Langstrasse 104 to Kanzleistrasse 222. Everything is going really fast now. We looked at the appartment, signed papers a few days later, will be getting all the paperwork done tomorrow, and we’re trying to find a new tenent as fast as possible. We need to find tons of cardboard boxes, rent a little van to do the small stuff, organize movers with a bigger van and four strong arms to carry wardrobes, shelves, bed, sofa, and the like.


Right now we’re going to start paying rent on November 16 and we’ll keep the current flat until the end of November.


Comments on 2007-11-08 Moving

also noch ein versuch… dein site will meine post nicht annehmen :-( Auf jeden fall: herzliche glückwünsche, und viel spass trotz stress!

– mum 2007-11-11 09:00 UTC

Komich. jetzt funktioniert’s. vorhin sollte ich ne zahl zwischen 1 und 10 angeben, und jedes mal war’s falsch…. Was soll die zahl????

– mum 2007-11-11 09:01 UTC

Die Zahl ist ein Test, dass du kein Spam Program bist. Sonst sieht aus wie hier. Voller Werbelinks. Aber ich sehe gerade, dass es hier bei den Kommentaren ein Problem gibt… Sorry about that.

[Zeit vergeht…]

So, jetzt sollte alles wieder in Ordnung sein! Danke, dass du mich nochmal darauf aufmerksam gemacht hast.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-11 10:19 UTC

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2007-11-08 New Books

I finished The Anubis Murders by Gary Gygax (published as part of PaizoPlanet Stories) today. A fun little romp. I feel tempted to buy all the books they’ll be publishing in this series. However, I fear that it is not too interesting for people that don’t play D&D. Sword & Sorcery stuff is all about the action.

And on that subject… I got the following second hand books via Amazon Marketpace and Alibris:

Do you note a pattern? :D


Comments on 2007-11-08 New Books

Since you seem to be a planes junkie, I recommend Beyond Countless Doorways from Malhavoc Press. Some of the people that worked on Planescape also worked on this book, and it provides an interesting alternative to the standard Great Wheel cosmology. Though if you are looking for more Great Wheel stuff, this book isn’t so useful. I myself am a big fan of orrery-style cosmologies, a la Eberron.

– Adrian 2007-11-08 18:51 UTC

Hm, after reading some reviews [1][2] this seems to be just my kind of book. In fact, I ordered it from Amazon Marketplace just now. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m flexible when it comes to cosmology. The important part is that angels and demons, the heavens and hell are all places to travel to. :)

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-08 20:05 UTC

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2007-11-09 Fonts

I just realized that my Mac Mini does not offer the Garamond and Bookman Old Style fonts that I’ve been using for my CSS. These two fonts came with Mac OS 10.3 but seem to be lacking in Mac OS 10.4.

Furthermore, when I copy the Garamond font file ont the Mac Mini and install the font, it seems to have no effect on Firefox: The font was installed as a user but remains inaccessible. What’s going on? I found that the Baskerville R looks a bit like the Garamond R… I don’t like the overall structure, however. At the screen resolution I’m using various character seem darker than the others. Gah! What am I to do?

I decided to switch from Baskerville to Cochin as a second-best. But I want my Garamond back!

Googling for some references, I found a little essay on typographer Matthew Carter who designed Georgia, Helvetica, Mantinia, Miller, Nina, Olympian, Sophia, Tahoma, Verdana, Alisal, Auriol, Bell Centennial, Cascade Script, Big Caslon, New Century Schoolbook, Shelley Script, Skia, Snell Roundhand Script, Bitstream Charter, Cochin, ITC Galliard, and Gando. [1]


Grr. I installed a static web page to test this. [2]


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2007-11-11 König der Könige

Das Wochenende war ich mit Moni & Claudia in Leukerbad und wir haben im Café des Hotels ein paar Stunden mit Rollenspiel verbracht.

Merlin, Bubu und Avelina sind zum Gasthof zum Stiel aufgebrochen. Dort wollten sie die grosse Waldstrasse erreichen, welche Mu im Westen mit Bora Bora im Osten verband. Im Gasthof brannte kein Licht und die Fensterläden klapperten im Wind. Im innern fand Bubu den weinenden Wirt, der einen Schweinskopf für den Trollkönig im Ofen hatte. Unter Tränen erzählte der Wirt, dass der Troll alle Reisenden vertreibe und jeden Tag einen Schweinskopf verlange.

  • Trollkönig
  • Finis der falsche Hund
  • Garalschta die Spinnenkönigin
  • Die Königin der Nacht
  • Jordan der Froschritter
  • Quasar, König der fliegenden Affen von Bora Bora


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2007-11-12 Koss Porta Pro

I was browsing the web for new headphones to use in the office. There’s some sort of defective contact in the cables of my ShureHeadphones. I already cut the cable once and soldered a new plug onto the rest. After a week the problem returned. I’m going to get rid of them. And I think I’ll go for something cheaper this time. An no in-ear headphones!

So I was looking for reviews…

I liked the advice given on It was divided into various categories and I picked “Replacing Cheap Headphones”. If they had a shop in Switzerland I would have ordered from there. I ended up ordering the Koss Porta Pro from K55. A small shop here in Zürich with friendly people. I’m having the headphones delivered to the office directly. This is the first time I did this. It feels weird. I took the Koss Porta Pro instead of the Sennheiser PX 100 because I liked the old school look.

The headphones cost me CHF 99 including delivery.


Comments on 2007-11-12 Koss Porta Pro

Good choice IMHO ;) I love mines

– PierreGaston 2007-11-12 13:55 UTC

Apparently it has already been sent off… Perhaps I will be able to enjoy my music in true retro style starting tomorrow.

This is true old school: First model appeared in 1984! [1]


I also like the Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-12 18:06 UTC

Well, I’m wearing it right now and I’m happy. I have such a large head that I’m afraid of too much pressure on my ears…

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-14 10:32 UTC

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2007-11-13 Bandwidth

I get an access logfile for each of the last fourteen days on I use a little Perl script I wrote (traffic) to add up all the bytes, and here’s what I get: 0.89G per day.

Strange. I wonder why this is. I was using an estimate of about 10G per month. At the current rate we’ll be using between 25G and 30G per month. I wonder what my web host thinks about that.

Strangely enough this data is all from the end of September and the beginning of October. I’ll ask my web host whether log rotation is broken.

I also wonder whether I’ve made a mistake somewhere.

Here’s the raw data:

1217209942 1188681K 1188.7M 1.19G
784404579 766020K 766.0M 0.77G
1257662319 1228185K 1228.2M 1.23G
759761181 741954K 742.0M 0.74G
877536376 856969K 857.0M 0.86G
639532616 624543K 624.5M 0.62G
641691039 626651K 626.7M 0.63G
785241214 766837K 766.8M 0.77G
794831058 776202K 776.2M 0.78G
1509654226 1474271K 1474.3M 1.47G
873576240 853101K 853.1M 0.85G
738810081 721494K 721.5M 0.72G
849639516 829726K 829.7M 0.83G
1054760511 1030039K 1030.0M 1.03G


Comments on 2007-11-13 Bandwidth

  1. Either backups and tarballs are really big and people or robots are retrieving them.
  2. Oddmuse:Surge_Protection is disabled
  3. Or Emacs 22 was released and the site’s popularity has increased.

AaronHawley 2007-11-15 16:56 UTC

Hm… There are robots making backup copies of the tarballs. That must be it…

Then again:

aschroeder@thinkmo:~/logs$ zcat access.log.4.gz | traffic
-1 38875743K 38875.7M 38.88G
aschroeder@thinkmo:~/logs$ zcat access.log.4.gz | grep '/archives/.*\.tar\.gz' | traffic
1831687078 1788756K 1788.8M 1.79G

That’s a very small part. More investigation is called for…

A leech?

aschroeder@thinkmo:~$ zcat access.log.4.gz | leech-detector | head     254504    11K  11%   13.5s  200 (87%), 404 (3%), 302 (3%), 301 (2%), 304 (1%), 503 (0%), 501 (0%), 403 (0%), 400 (0%), 500 (0%)      30048     9K   1%  113.3s  200 (92%), 404 (5%), 302 (1%), 400 (0%), 501 (0%), 503 (0%), 301 (0%)      23893    21K   1%  143.7s  200 (78%), 304 (20%), 503 (0%), 301 (0%)      17042     1K   0%  201.2s  403 (96%), 200 (2%), 301 (1%), 302 (0%), 404 (0%)      15564    13K   0%  164.0s  200 (97%), 302 (1%), 301 (0%), 404 (0%), 501 (0%), 500 (0%), 400 (0%), 503 (0%)      14865     1K   0%  205.7s  403 (98%), 200 (1%), 301 (0%), 404 (0%), 302 (0%), 400 (0%)      14113    11K   0%   63.1s  200 (62%), 503 (23%), 404 (7%), 301 (3%), 302 (2%), 400 (0%), 501 (0%), 500 (0%), 403 (0%)      13861     1K   0%  247.5s  403 (95%), 200 (2%), 301 (1%), 302 (0%), 400 (0%), 404 (0%)      13854     1K   0%  247.6s  403 (99%), 200 (0%), 301 (0%), 404 (0%)      12940     3K   0%  265.1s  403 (95%), 200 (2%), 301 (1%), 302 (0%), 404 (0%)

This is data from my leech-detector script. The second column is the number of hits. Thats about 250’000 hits in 40 days for Google – 260 hits per hours. Hm… - - Communications – what are they up to? - Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business - Corp - Digital Communications, Inc.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-15 18:09 UTC

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2007-11-13 Black and White

So now I’ve done away with the “real” logo. Clicking on the logo no longer takes you to the Diary. I never used that functionality anyway. The logo now switches between the normal color theme and a black and white theme using blue, underlined links. As standard as can be. :)

push(@MyInitVariables, \&LogoBar);

sub LogoBar {
  $InvisibleCookieParameters{theme} = 1;
  my $id = GetId();
  $id = $RCName if GetParam('action', 'browse') eq 'rc';
  $id = $HomePage unless $id;
  my $url = $ScriptName . '/' . $id;
  my $css = GetParam('css', $StyleSheet);
  my $text;
  my $pic;
  if (GetParam('theme', //) eq //) {
    # default: offer to switch to black-and-white                                                                          
    $url .= "?theme=bw";
    $text = 'black and white';
    $pic = '/pics/alex.png';
  } else {
    $url .= "?theme=";
    $text = 'default color';
    $pic = '/alex/pics/alex-face-balcony-small.jpg';
  # $url .= ';css=' if $css;                                                                                               
  $UserGotoBar .= qq {                                                                                                      
<a class="logo" href="$url" title="Switch to $text theme">                                                                 
  <img class="logo" src="$pic" />                                                                                          

And for the CSS:

@import "/css/beige-red.css"; {
    color: black;
    background-color: white;
} h1, h2, h3, h1 a, h2 a, h3 a, div.journal h1, div.journal h2, div.journal h3, a.number {
    color: inherit;
    text-decoration: none;
} a {
    color: blue;
    text-decoration: underline;

div.footer a.logo {
    display: none;


Comments on 2007-11-13 Black and White

Sounds like an Easter Egg. :)

AaronHawley 2007-11-13 15:38 UTC

Totally. :)

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-13 17:35 UTC

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2007-11-13 Quick And Dirty NPCs

Sammael posted an excellent suggestion for Quick'n'dirty NPCs on EN World:

Init: +0, +5 if the NPC is meant to be quick, +10 if he is meant to be super-fast
AC: 15 + level; flat-footed = 10 + Level (15 + Level for rogue and barabrian types); touch = 10 (15 for rogue and monk types)
HD: level
HP: level × class HD; don’t worry about Con modifier
Saves: level / 2 (+5 for what should be good saves)
Attack: level (-5 for sorcerer/wizard types, +5 for paladins, barbarians, rangers, +10 for fighters)
Damage: weapon + level / 2 (level for fighters)
Skills: pick one or two at level / 2 (+5 if the NPC should be competent, +10 if he should be a master of that particular skill - e.g. Survival for an elf ranger)
Feats: pick 1 feat plus 1 per 5 levels; never choose feats that modify stats; that’s already included in the above numbers
Arcane Magic: pick a high level spell and keep using it; pick a low level spell and fill the remaining slots with it
Divine Magic: if a cleric is present, give all his allied NPCs a bonus on attacks and saves equal to his level / 5 (minimum 1) and focus on cure/inflict spells.

Looks like a useful thing to put in your DM folder or to stick on your DM screen (I don’t use one).


Comments on 2007-11-13 Quick And Dirty NPCs

Reminds me a bit of the villain classes from Iron Heroes, or perhaps what the designers of 4E are going towards for monsters, i.e., don’t worry about making PCs and NPCs/monsters follow the same rules, so long as the effects and results are comparable.

– Adrian 2007-11-13 10:30 UTC

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2007-11-14 Police vs. Pirates

Is this true?

“Piracy for personal use is no longer targeted,” Noël St-Hilaire, head of copyright theft investigations of the Canadian police, said in an interview with Le Devoir. “It is too easy to copy these days and we do not know how to stop it,” he added.

St-Hilaire explained that they rather focus on crimes that actually hurt consumers such as copyright violations related to medicine and electrical appliances. [1]

Some sense at last! :)


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2007-11-15 Plans for fsbot

11:49 kensanata
It would be cool if we could join #fsbot and tell fsbot what to say on #emacs.
11:49 kensanata
Then newbies would go bonkers a dozen a minute.
11:55 kensanata
Fsbot is already exhibiting a lot of artificial stupidity, sometimes he tricks people.
12:17 kensanata
I don’t care what the bots look like on the inside.
12:19 kensanata
It would be cool if we could look inside fsbot and see the #fsbot channel members listed.
12:19 kensanata
Then we’d know who was controlling it.
12:20 kensanata
Plus we’d prevent people from remote controlling fsbot via msg and queries.
12:20 kensanata
Then we get back social control which is important.
12:21 kensanata
If fsbot starts spewing insults, I want a way to figure out who is doing it and stop it.
12:21 kensanata
Requiring remote control to come from #fsbot would allow for that.
12:23 kensanata
I don’t think logging is required for what I want to do, since I don’t require perfect accountability.
12:24 kensanata
All I want to do is this: fsbot starts insulting me. I join #fsbot. I see dUm6455 saying “tell #emacs kensanata uses vi!”. Then I can kickban dUm6455…
12:25 kensanata
If dUm6455 only insults me once, and parts #fsbot after the first message, then too bad, he got away. No problem.
12:25 kensanata
It’s like real life. Physics cuts us some slack.
12:26 kensanata
Maybe people will start ignoring fsbot because of his lousy signal-to-noise ratio?
12:27 kensanata
My solution would forgive one-time offenders.
12:27 kensanata
After the first insult I’d be monitoring #fsbot and I need no longer need a log, long or short.
12:28 kensanata
If this turns out to be a problem I’m sure it will be easy to add.
12:28 kensanata
I just don’t like monitoring to a system that doesn’t need it. We have enough watchers in our lives already.
12:29 kensanata
We need one of those rare saviours, those holy men of free software, a true martyr, A VOLUNTEER!


Comments on 2007-11-15 Plans for fsbot

This sounds interesting. I think however, that #fsbot should be a controlled channel and the #emacs people should allow only trusted people in there. That way, some control can be maintained.

Noufal Ibrahim 2007-11-15 15:26 UTC

Or log #fsbot. Post facto control can be demonstrably justifiable in a way than pre facto cannot be. Though I remember sussudio abusing me via dpkg on #debian back in the day.

AlokSingh 2007-11-16 11:17 UTC

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2007-11-16 Sleepless

Claudia is off in Leukerbad with a friend. Being alone helps me stay calm. One of the biggest differences between me and her is that I am drained by company while she is energized by company.

As soon as I come home, packing is on my mind. I usually pack two to four cardboard boxes. Then I do one or two extra tasks from my list. Find the next tenent. Somebody signed yesterday! Yay! Pick one of the three offers for the movers. Be angry at the management of the new flat for putting the pressure on us regarding the deposit, while squandering our time: They sent the contract by low priority mail (instead of high priority and registered), and the payment order still hasn’t arrived. These things make me nervous, and so between packing and eating and doing the laundry, I check my mail, try to calm myself by fixing an Oddmuse bug and chat on IRC, and I worry.

These last four nights I wrote a letter to Claudia. She loves getting old-fashioned handwritten letters. I send them to the hotel and she reads them two days later. The first letter I wrote around half past one in the morning. Then next a quarter past two. Then half past three. Today I’m not going to write a letter because she’ll be back on Saturday. It’s half past four in the morning and I’m still awake.

And all this time I’ve been getting up between eight and nine in the morning. Not bad compared to my usual early morning performance. But I wonder. Where do all the sleepless hours go. Will I have a system crash once we have moved? Will I get the flu and spend a week or two in bed? I’m probably as energized as I was during exam time at University.

I had forgotten how messed up we were. Living on borrowed time.

Every night I imagine myself pouring a glass of Port. I love Port. I like sipping it and eating some cheese and olives, listen to what Claudia tells me about her day, or just our fingers touching. But now I’m alone and sleepless. Drinking now would set a bad precedent, I fear. And so I brew some tea. Green tea. Darjeeling with some cream. Or when I feel in the mood, I cook some water with cinammon bark, cloves, and cardamom. After a few minutes I add the Darjeeling, and keep adding milk little by little as it boils up again and again. Add some sugar, maybe add some black pepper or a few slices of Ginger (although lately I enjoy it more without the Ginger) – I love my chai.


Still not sleepy.


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2007-11-16 Temporarily Single

Claudia spent some days in Leukerbad and has not yet come back. In the mean time I stayed at home and packed stuff into boxes. Sometimes I find stuff I feel like no longer owning. But what to do: Throw away? Auction off on Ebay? Here in Switzerland Ricardo is pretty famous. I never auction off anything, but now I’m giving this new “Intarnet” a try… ;)

So, what am I trying to sell? [1] A bed, a TV, and some anime to start with. I think this is going to be harder than I thought.

With nobody at home waiting for me to cook, my eating habits have gone downhill. Like a true single, I’m living off Spaghetti, Rösti, and Snickers. More or less. I ate all the cucumbers, capsicums, carrots, Feta, corn salad, and all our cheese.

Let this be over soon!! 8D

Today I got the keys for the new flat. Nice.

So all that needs to happen now is 1. I need to sign an offer for the movers, 2. I need to actually move, 3. I need to clean the old flat, 4. I need to buy healthy food, 5. I need a break. :)


Comments on 2007-11-16 Temporarily Single

In the States we joke by calling it “the Internets” – overusing “the” incorrectly and pluralizing, which is always incorrect. :-P

As someone who’s semi-permanently single, I have little sympathy for you, and you’ve clearly been with Claudia for a long time to be in such a dehabilitated condition. Moving is pretty stressful, though, having done it 3 times in the last year. Take care of yourself, and don’t get sick.

AaronHawley 2007-11-17 01:54 UTC

Three times in year… Ugh! I guess it would have been ok back in the days where I had no furniture and just one room. But now… X-(

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-17 11:05 UTC

He, he, wer hat je gesagt, dass heiraten einfach ist??? Wir tun immer so, als ob es einfach nur ein papierkrieg wäre, aber es ist mehr: es ist ein symbolischer akt, der tausendjährige tradition hat: insofern, ist es nur gerecht, wenn du der zen-typ par excellence :)- auch etwas ins schwitzen gerätst ;-) Noch am hochzeitstag mit helmut hab ich die krise bekommen, und wollte gar nicht mehr heiraten… Und mit armin, baby nathalie auf meinem arm und brüllenden patrick in armins armen, habe ich geheult wie ein schlosshund, und alle damen natürlich auch… Mit der zweisamkeit und dem alleinesein ist es so eine sache: hat man das eine, wünscht mann/frau ab und zu das andere: eine gute ausgewogenheit ist hier ehe-rettend :-), so sprach die ehe-erfahrene-schwiegermutter-in-spe, was überhaupt das aufregendste finde: bin der claudia richtig dankbar :-) :-) :_)

– mum 2007-11-21 21:09 UTC

Oje oje. :) Unsere Gedanken sind leider völlig woanders. An eben diesem Samstag holt sich jemand unser Bett am Morgen um halb neun, und am Abend um fünf holt sich jemand den Fernseher. Heute kommt der Typ, der die Kakerlaken aus der neuen Wohnung vertreiben soll, und am Montag der Zügelwagen, wo sie unsere Möbel einpacken werden. Bis dann muss auch der letzte Rest eingepackt sein. Da im Moment alles gleichzeitig auf uns einstürmt, praktisch keine ruhige Minute.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-22 08:55 UTC

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2007-11-17 Comic → Movie

A few days ago I watched 300 (2006). Claudia didn’t want to see it because of the expected gore. Marco said (twice) that the movie convinced him that he was born into the wrong century. Oh well. :)

I love AncientHistory stuff. The movie is about the Battle of Thermopylae (= hot gates).

I liked the comic 300 by Frank Miller (2006-10-18 Sparta vs. Persia). I viewed it as a work of art. I don’t agree with many of the political statements made directly or indirectly, but I feel they are necessary to provide an integral experience. The Spartan’s code was as crappy then as it is now. Not offering any reflection or crisis – no value statement – when presenting these Spartan views works for me, because they are so obviously wrong by today’s standards. It is only when I consider the US military in Iraq that I start wondering: How much of this is (maybe unintentional but still) propaganda for fascism? When the Spartans raise their shields and shout their war cry for freedom and democracy, I feel uncomfortable. This unspoken second level of the movie made the whole thing more interesting.


I should read some classics again. Should you be interested in the same I totally recommend the following books: The Histories by Herodotus (includes an account of the above mentioned battle), the History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, the Anabasis by Xenophon, and the Anabasis Alexandri by Arrian.

I liked the choreography of the Spartan soldiers in the movie. It seemed very cool. But it didn’t quite match my expectations. And sure enough, I found the following in the IMDB:

According to an interview with, director Zack Snyder says that fighting styles and formations (particularly the Spartans’ phalanx) were purposefully changed - making them historically inaccurate - so they’d “look cool” and work better for movie purposes. [1]

Strange. Since we still have practicioners of eastern martial arts, we have a better idea of what combat might have looked like compared to combat in Europe. (Although it seems that the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts is trying to do something against it.)

I like how they used the music score and variable time flow to recreate the subjective battle experience.

It seems like BooksToMovies worked quite well for the comic.

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Comments on 2007-11-17 Comic → Movie

The message on the second level is very obvious. This movie is just blunt fascist propaganda. See this link for a great review:

– Llenfyr 2007-11-19 16:36 UTC

Interesting rant. :)

The German Wikipedia article, Schlacht bei den Thermopylen also has the following to offer:

Auch in der Neuzeit wurde die Thermopylenschlacht immer wieder als Beispiel für einen heroischen Opfertod in Anspruch genommen. So zog Hermann Göring Ende Januar 1943 einen Vergleich zur noch andauernden Schlacht von Stalingrad, um damit die Befehle Hitlers zum Kampf ohne Kapitulation ideologisch und historisch zu legitimieren.

(Roughly: The Battle of Thermopylae has been used as an example for a heroic death sacrifice again and again. Hermann Göring compared the ongoing Battle of Stalingrad in January 1943 with the Battle of Thermopylae to legitimize Hitler’s orders to fight without capitulating ideologically and historically.)

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-20 10:19 UTC

Political messages? Unspoken second-level storylines? Facist propoganda? Eh? Where is the glory?

This is no documentary.


– Marco 2007-11-23 20:28 UTC

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2007-11-17 Warner and the Pirates

JanneJalkanen pointed me [1] to this story he had gotten via Slashdot [2]: Music boss: we were wrong to go to war with consumers. “The boss of Warner Music has made a rare public confession that the music industry has to take some of the blame for the rise of p2p file sharing.”

It took a long time to realize it. I wonder: If peer-to-peer sharing technology had not played into the hands of consumers, would they have learnt the same lesson? In a way this seems to indicate that we should be wary of building a society that allows a group strong control over anything, because it is precisely this lack of perfect control that allowed the privateers of this age to share music even though the labels wanted to prevent it. And only the sharing in defiance of the law gave the customers a voice in this dialogue. I’m sure if consumers had only complained instead of complaining and taking what they wanted, their voice would not have been heard.

It remains to be seen whether this will end well. All this alienation has certainly given me a strong aversion against the labels. What would they have to do to undo the damage they have wrought? I think the solution will have to come from a third party. For example: The telcos or the state will impose a culture tax that will be redistributed via a collecting societies. In terms of dialectics it will be “unexpected and new” – neither free for all nor DRM. A synthesis.

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2007-11-18 M-w kills no more

I hate it. Everytime I’m connected to a remote system via SSH, using Emacs, trying to copy something by using M-w, I close the window. GNU Screen is of limited help, here.

Command line solution: Run the following commands while Terminal is closed, eg. from a shell you run within Emacs. defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add "Schließen" '@$W' – this will change the shortcut from ⌘W to ⇧⌘W. Cool!

The above based on Disabling Quit and rewriting keyboard shortcuts.

Note that you need to use the name of the menu! English users will want “Close”, where as German users will want “Schließen”.

System Preferences solution: Use the Keyboard Shortcuts pane within the Keyboard & Mouse Preference Panel (in System Preferences). If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find Application Keyboard Shortcuts listed. You can add a new shortcut (including overriding defaults) by clicking the plus button, then selecting an Application from the Application drop-down menu (if your app isn’t listed, there’s an Other… choice at the bottom of the list). Then type in the name of the application’s menu item (as above) in the Menu Title box, and click in the Keyboard Shortcut box to enter a set of keys to use.

Another good candidate: Change the default Quit binding because M-q is used to fill paragraphs in Emacs. Hitting it by mistake and not only closing one Terminal window but all of them is super annoying.

AndrewCosgriff says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to read something on a Monday morning at work! On 10.5, though, you need to use ‘Close Window’ rather than ‘Close’, and ‘Quit Terminal’ rather than ‘Quit’.” – Andrew.

Thank you so much for the System Preferences solution. Works like a charm. And you are right, I’ve decided to remap Quit as well. I don’t use M-q too often while working via SSH on remote servers because I’m usually writing Perl instead of Text. I guess that’s why I rarely ran into it. Better safe and sorry, and ⌘Q got changed to ⌥⌘Q (and ⇧⌘Q was already taken). – Alex


Comments on 2007-11-18 M-w kills no more

Another way to avoid this is going to File → Window Settings.. and, in the Processes tag, remove ssh from the list of applications that don’t prompt before closing the window (and then set that as a default setting). You’ll still have the annoyance of dismissing the prompt, though.

JoseAntonioOrtegaRuiz 2007-11-18 14:51 UTC

I saw that you joined the Google Zürich office. Welcome to Zürich! Give my regards to Sascha Brawer if you see him. :)

You solution would be better if I was training myself to no longer use M-w.

My solution is still suboptimal because ⌘W is not translated to M-w. Oh well. :)

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-18 17:30 UTC

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2007-11-19 Oddmuse and Google Custom Search Engines

I recently replaced the search box for EmacsWiki with a Google Custom Search Engine. This is better than adding the term because and are two different sites. It is possible two create two different search engines and supply the appropriate URL patterns, and it seems to work.

Here’s a possible setup for your config file. Note how I removed the submit button and the fancy Javascript, and I deleted the id attribute for the form (because this form will appear at the top and at the bottom of every page). Also note the ugly hack of closing the span, printing a form, and opening a new span to have this all fit into a normal goto bar. Uuuugly. But it works. :)

$UserGotoBar = qq{</span>
<!-- Google CSE Search Box Begins  -->
<form class="tiny" action=""><p>
  <input type="hidden" name="cx" value="004774160799092323420:s9wlu0va1v0" />
  <input type="text" name="q" size="25" />
<!-- Google CSE Search Box Ends -->


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2007-11-20 Bad Start

Yesterday we moved more than 40 cardboard boxes into the new flat. We ate some take-away pizza on the floor of our bedroom to-be. We saw four cockroaches.



Comments on 2007-11-20 Bad Start

Get a cat. I haven’t seen a cockroach or rat since Maelle came back. On the downside, I haven’t seen a lizard either.

AlokSingh 2007-11-21 10:34 UTC

Hm, cats eat cockroaches? That might be a good idea. I wonder how big the cockroach population is if you see four of them scrambling around at noon there must thousands out there at night…

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-21 10:47 UTC

eh, cat didn’t work for me…on the contrary the coakroaches seem to like pet’s food….

The only things I’ve seen working is proper professional extermination applied to the whole building inside and outsied the flats

– PierreGaston 2007-11-21 10:56 UTC

YMMV, I suppose, but a stray kitten works best. They don’t eat cockroaches as such, if they do they usually throw it up later, but they play with and generally torture the cockroach population into a decline.

AlokSingh 2007-11-21 12:08 UTC

yeah, mine was a stray cat, but also a castrated lazy bastard ;)

– PierreGaston 2007-11-21 12:42 UTC

or you give them names - and you have some nice pets ;)

zeno 2007-11-22 19:52 UTC

We went to the new flat again yesterday evening. One cockroach in the kitchen got away, another in the bath tub disappeared down the drain, and two others in the bathroom got killed. Apparently we have two kinds of cockroaches: The German cockroach (I like it how Wikipedia says: “Conservation status: Secure”) and the brown-banded cockroach.

☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ 😠 !!!!

Our furniture will get moved on Monday. We’ll be sleeping in cockroach heaven soon… If the poisoned food the Ratex guy spread all over the flat is not getting rid of them within a few days, I think I’ll start looking for a new appartment. It’s nice, it’s big, it has a pizza take-away just accross the road, but :note: :note: “you are not aloooone…” :note:


AlexSchroeder 2007-11-23 14:40 UTC

Man… just think. Anytime you shower or sit on the toilet there will be little pairs of eyes watching you and giggling amongst themselves.

– Marco 2007-11-23 20:11 UTC

When we’re sitting around the table and gaming, don’t think that it’s me caressing your feet. Those are the cockroaches in search for food.

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-23 20:54 UTC

maybe they can take over the NPC’s

zeno 2007-11-26 12:27 UTC

No, they can take over the enemies… let’s look how long they stand against us g

– Daniel B 2007-11-26 12:48 UTC

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2007-11-21 Ebook, Eburp

KevinMarks writes about a new Ebook reader: Do not fold, bend, mutilate or Kindle. He links to MarkPilgrim’s essay The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts) that explains the DRM issue.

Heh. :)


Comments on 2007-11-21 Ebook, Eburp

interesting not beeing able to lend my books would make me quite unhappy…

– PierreGaston 2007-11-21 11:21 UTC

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2007-11-22 iTunes, Pidgin, MusicTracker

At work, I listen to music with iTunes, and I do InstantMessaging using Pidgin. So now I wanted to do what Adium allows me to do: Display the track currently playing in iTunes as my status. Some googling led me to MusicTracker.

Don’t do it.

It started crashing and was difficult to get rid of.

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2007-11-23 Countless Doorways

I received Countless Doorways by Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, and Ray Vallese today. Adrian – one of my players – recommended the book about two weeks ago (→ Comments on 2007-11-08 New Books). Since my MondayGroup game moved into the planes, I hope to make good use of this book. Basically I’m trying to get a crazy mix of Planescape attitude, Great Wheel cosmology, and D&D 3.0 and 3.5 rule books.

The Manual of the Planes, the Planar Handbook, and Lords of Madness are my D&D 3rd ed. starting points. I think the monster manuals by various publishers provide enough updated critters for this game.

The AD&D 2nd ed. Planescape boxed sets (Campaign Setting, Planes of Law, Planes of Chaos, Planes of Conflict) and a few adventures (Eternal Boundary, Deva Spark, Harbinger House) are supposed to provide some of that Planescape flavor.

The City of Brass is supposed to provide a little 3rd party inspiration.

So I have critters, I have setting, I have plot inspiration. I even built a secret wiki somewhere on the net where I’m keeping notes for this campaign.

I think the only thing that I’m lacking is NPCs and intrigue. Perhaps I should find a copy of Uncaged: Faces of Sigil. Unfortunately it’s quite expensive, and my players haven’t reached Sigil yet. Perhaps I’ll think of enough cool NPCs to populate my campaign wiki.

But first, while I take a break between doing the laundry, packaging stuff, and the disassembly of our bed, I’m reading Beyond Countless Doorways.


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2007-11-25 Troll Hunting

Above ground, the sun beats down mercilessly onto the Quail valley. Farmers toil and wipe sweat from their brows. Meanwhile, a few hundred feet underground, a group of treasure hunters is camping in a dark tunnel. What happened?

On July 7 they had arrived in Bostwick on a rainy day, met Krel again, Belflin had bought some Regis wine for Elwynn the local bard who told them many things. Elves live in the middle of the forest but they did not really appreciate his songs. He found them while searching for the newly arrived dragon. At least he thinks a dragon has arrived in the forest of Nin. In the end Belflin commissioned a ballad about their exploits. Elwynn warns the party about the dire tigers in the forest of Nin and of a pair of gorgons in the Gaskar hills.

Other people they heard about:

Fletcher, makes nice bows and arrows. Half-elf.
Minx brothers
Two rangers in or near Pembrose
The priestess of Freya in Bostwick that sends them after the troll and his orcish henchmen

While talking to Elwynn a half-orc woman started taking an interest in the party and followed them to the troll cave. When challenged by Belflin and Krel, she agreed to a test: To kill the troll by herself. And she did! It was quite an impressive fight.

They also found an entrance into the Underdark spent the next week underground, eating dry rations and drinking drip water from dark pools.

During their first night they were attacked by a war party of five trolls.


Challenges overcome:

  • Garesh the troll, CR 5
  • Krink, orc rog3, CR 3
  • Orcs, CR ½ × 2
  • Troll patrol underground, CR 5 × 5

Level 6: 6*1200+600+300 ⇒ 2010 per person

15925 + 1620 = 17545 (Sor-6)
15816 + 1620 = 17436 (Drd-2/Clr-3 + new level)
15680 + 1620 = 17300 (Rng-5 + new level)
15000 + 1620 = 16620 (Brb-6 due to autolevel)
15000 + 1620 = 16620 (Brb-6)


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2007-11-28 Waiting For December

Before last Monday November 19 I took a day off to move more than 40 cardboard boxes from the old flat to the new flat. Last Monday November 26 I took another day off, the movers came and we transported most of the remaining stuff – another estimated twenty boxes and all the furniture. It barely fit into the 25m³ van. That cost us about CHF 1500. We left all our plants, some framed pictures, cleaning equipment, and some random stuff like my great uncle’s Austrian sabre (he was stationed in Croatia when it belonged to the Austrian empire). Yesterday and today we spent hours after work cleaning the old flat. Oh and last Saturday Claudia and I got married. On Friday November 30 we have to hand over the flat. I should have listened to a friend’s advice and let a cleaning company handle it. It would have cost another CHF 1000 at least, unfortunately. But considering the time we spent on this, it would have been money well spent. Oh well, too late now…

And on December 1 we’re all done!!

I can’t wait. :dead: 😟 👎

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Comments on 2007-11-28 Waiting For December

Oh, wow, congratulations for the young pair!

RadomirDopieralski 2007-11-29 03:15 UTC

You got married ?!? Tsk, and I had such a bachelor party planned for you :)

AlokSingh 2007-11-29 03:40 UTC

Congrats! I hope mum and Der Vater learnt it before this post ;) --PierreGaston

– PierreGaston 2007-11-29 06:02 UTC

Woah, how did I miss that? Well anyways um, congratulations…

far out…

– Marco 2007-11-29 07:59 UTC

just one single sentence between boxes and cockroaches?

zeno 2007-11-29 08:07 UTC

Congratulations, Alex! Great, great news.

EugeneEricKim 2007-11-29 08:11 UTC

Congratulation from V and aadis :) A happy married life! Hurrah!

AadityaSood 2007-11-29 16:42 UTC

One of these days I will do a write-up comparing the two weddings! I’m still waiting for the pictures….

AlexSchroeder 2007-11-30 04:05 UTC

Pictures coming… Sorry, takes a little longer as planned.

2ni 2007-11-30 07:43 UTC

Congratulations to you both! :)

GreyWulf 2007-12-08 13:00 UTC


JuanmaMP 2007-12-09 21:00 UTC

Throwing rice on you both. Congrats and luck, luck, luck!

MattisManzel 2007-12-12 16:12 UTC

Congratulations! I should have read this post in more detail. It’s just a sentence hiding away in there. :)

NoufalIbrahim 2007-12-16 13:05 UTC

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2007-11-30 Iron Maid

Got up around nine. Wanted to leave for work around ten. Looked at the list of things to do for the old flat. Contacted the project leader via instant messaging and asked whether it would be a problem if I stayed at home. It wasn’t. I went to the old flat. Now it’s 5:07 the next morning and I’m ready for bed.

I don’t think I paid enough respect to our maids in the past. Cleaning a mere three room flat with around 60m² – I feel crushed. Into tiny pieces. And remade. Into a hunchback.

The neurodermitis patch on my left hand is growing bigger and bigger. Everytime I see it I’m surprised I have it. Pimples start appearing on my shoulders. I get up in four hours to hand over the flat. And after that… I dunno. Sweet comatose delirium.


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2007-11-30 It’s Over

Handed over the old flat. No problem at all. The guy just made a very cursory check. I did live in the flat for more than seven years and the only new piece of infrastructure in all this time was the fridge and the bath tub faucet. So basically nothing had to be handed back as-new. It went like a breeze, friendly and quick.

Yay! December here I come!! :D 8D → ✌

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Comments on 2007-11-30 It’s Over

EUCH BEIDEN, ALLES ALLES GUTE ZUM EINZUG UND ZUM “NEUEN” LEBEN!! :-) :-) :-) Ich fand’s ganz toll bei euch zu sein, claudias familie kennen zu lernen, dass ich mich so gut mit ana verstanden habe, (ich halte sie hoch in ehren: sie ist für euch eine ersatz-mutter, die viel gemacht hat und immer noch macht, was ich von hier aus nicht bringen konnt :-( - überhaupt, war eure hochzeit letzten endes ein schöner grossfamilien-tag. Toll! :-) :-) :-) Fühlt euch geknuddelt… PS: schick mir dann fotos, wenn euer neus heim dann eingerichtet ist…

– mum 2007-12-01 14:46 UTC

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2007-11-30 Org Mode for Todo Lists

We’ve been keeping little Todo Lists written on paper all over the place. Let’s see whether I manage to migrate them to OrgMode. I think the paper trail will remain important, specially if Claudia and I are to work together on some of these items. The most important thing was therefore to recreate that piece-of-paper look using CSS.


-*- mode: org; -*-
#+AUTHOR:    Alex Schroeder
#+OPTIONS:   num:nil toc:nil
* Mooch Bücher abschicken
** TODO Fools
** TODO Ghostwritten
* COMMENT HTML style specifications

.todo           TODO keywords
.done           the DONE keyword
.timestamp      time stamp
.timestamp-kwd  keyword associated with a time stamp, like SCHEDULED
.tag            tag in a headline
.target         target for links

# Local Variables:
# org-export-html-style: "   <style type=\"text/css\">
#       .todo, .author, .date { display: none; }
#       h2, h3 { font-size: inherit; margin: 0; }
#       h3:before { content: \"• \"; }
#       h3 { font-weight: inherit; padding-left: 1em; }
#       h4:before { content: \"· \"; }
#       h4 { font-weight: inherit; padding-left: 2em; }
#       p { margin: 0; padding-left: 2em; }
#   </style>"
# End:



Mooch Bücher abschicken

• Fools

• Ghostwritten

Update: This is what it looks like three weeks later:

The original printout is full of handwritten notes

My brain just doesn’t work that way.

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Comments on 2007-11-30 Org Mode for Todo Lists

Maybe the architecture OrgMode runs on, Emacs, is not suitable. Perhaps you and Claudia need a Web-based bug database system and replace the piece of paper with a tablet computer that can access it. :-P

AaronHawley 2007-12-21 19:29 UTC

Hahaha. I think requiring a computer that’s always there when we need to jot something down is a show stopper.

It’s a show stopper for our radio & SqueezeBox as well. If my computer is on, I want the box to stream from my iTunes collection. If the computer is off, I want it to connect to the SqueezeNetwork. Since switching takes about half a minute, we rarely do it, and so the box is useless half the time.

At least OrgMode is gratis and free. :)

AlexSchroeder 2007-12-21 19:59 UTC

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2007-11-30 Roleplaying Meetup

21:55 Marco
(actually, we should arrange some kind of dnd group outing sometime, but that’s fuel for another discussion)

Yeah, we should. Some sort of monthly get-together of anybody interested in roleplaying – or just D&D? Organising it on Meetup would cost USD 20 per month. Perhaps it would make more sense to pick a date about a month in the future and put up flyers in Rien Ne Va Plus, Analph, and Oli’s Spiele or whatever it is called at Weinbergstrasse?


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2007-11 Book Club

When: November 21, a Wednesday, ⚠ new location!! 19:00, Steinhausweg 1, tram stop Sonneggstrasse (7 and 15). Not too far from Central.

think: I hear there are going to be muffins…

What: Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. Wikipedia: David Mitchell.

Why: The book Cloud Atlas has already been read by the book club. Supporters: Nanda, Alex, Karina, Arantza, Ros.

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