2005-12-04 Gadgets

I’m considering to add 512MB or 1GB of RAM to my little iBook. It has 256MB at the moment. iPhoto is taking way too long to start up these days with a bit over 700 pics in it. Once iPhoto started, it’s comfortable to use, but switching to any other application takes forever because of all the swapping.

And I’m planning on buying a Bluetooth/USB thing so that I can try to sync my mobile phone with my laptop. That would be an excellent way of backing up my mobile phone.

Update: Bought it, and now iPhoto starts in a few seconds only. Got to test the Bluetooth thingy now. I got a Nokia 6230i before leaving to India, as the display of my old Nokia 6610i broke when I dropped it. It turns out that these phones are Bluetooth capable (nice to transfer pictures from the phone to the laptop), but not iSync compatible. WTF!? Why not?

Oh, and since I have OSX 10.3 instead of 10.4, I get to use iSync 1.5 instead of iSync 2.1, therefore I have a different list of compatible devices. ARGH!

Using non-free software seems to have no great effect on my periphery hassle. This is exactly the kind of thing I kept hating about Linux.

Strangely enough it seems that I can download iSync 2.1. But it won’t help. The Readme file says that it is for 10.4 only. :(

And I don’t even want real syncing. All I want is to get my address book from the phone onto the laptop in some useful form so that I can use it as a backup. vCards sounds like a fine format, for example.

And here I was thinking that Bluetooth had been designed as a standard for all to follow and to solve exactly these kinds of problems.

I also noticed that my Airport Extreme (WiFi) range has been severely reduced after adding this 1GB of RAM. Did they damage it? Is the new RAM obstructing the radio waves somehow? Damn. I don’t think it’s the base station or the cablemodem, because it works just fine from my desktop… Download speed over 76 KB/sec. So they must have done something to my Airport card.

Welcome to the real world, I guess.

Just before going to bed I removed the iBook keyboard, removed the Airport card, put it back, unplugged the antenna (?) – and it worked!! :)


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Ging mir ebenso mit genau der gleichen Ausrüstung. Konnte das Nokia noch umtauschen und habe das Sonyericsson K750i gekauft. Damit bin ich zufrieden. Nur das «Sony» im Namen gefällt mir gar nicht.

StefanBucher 2005-12-05 21:00 UTC

Habe gerade im c’t gelesen, dass gnokii auch mit meinem Nokie 6230i klar kommen sollte. Das werde ich daheim auf meiner SlackWare Kiste dann mal ausprobieren.

AlexSchroeder 2006-01-04 14:59 UTC

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2005-11-05 Gadgets

Dropped my mobile phone, broke the display, got a new one for free because I signed up for another year with the same telephone service company (I am continally amazed at their business plans), it has bluetooth, my iBook does not.



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If you’re feeling adventurous. :)

NoufalIbrahim 2005-12-30 09:22 UTC

Heh. :) With the only benefit being the copying of pictures, I find myself never using bluetooth…

See 2005-12-04 Gadgets.

AlexSchroeder 2005-12-30 14:27 UTC

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2005-08-18 Gadgets

Hm… sometimes my cell phone sends corrupt images per mail! I wonder whether there’s a firmware update to be had anywhere. Perhaps the images are corrupt on the cell phone, too, but corrupt in such a way that the browser on the phone can still display them.

Why don’t the suckers have a simple USB mass storage interface??


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2005-08-14 Gadgets

I’m in Austria at the moment, and tried to connect my iBook to the Ethernet of my sister’s. She has an iBook G3, 128MB, with OSX 10.1 – that was quite interesting to see. But back to the network: It just doesn’t want to connect. DHCP doesn’t want to work, and therefore DNS does not work.

And yet, when I switch the cable back to my sister’s notebook it works again. She has DHCP, uses ethernet, no client ID, no username, no password, no proxies… WTF? I think I had the same problem back home until I got it to work the first time. But I don’t remember what I did back then. I plugged the cable modem out a few times, trying to reset it.

But no luck.


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2005-07-26 Gadgets

I found a page about the main Apple designer, Jonathan Ive, via Joel on Software’s Hitting the High Notes.

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2005-07-14 Gadgets

With Apple moving ever forward from Panther (currently 10.3.9) to Tiger (currently 10.4.2), I wonder whether I should follow them or make the switch to Ubuntu or Kubuntu (uses KDE instead of Gnome).

Unfortunately my experience matches Aaron Toponce's experience: No wireless. I have to try again some day. :)

twb on #emacs pointed me to a discussion on that talks about this. Weird:

This chipset is a broadcom 4301 chipset. The drivers for this chipset can not be released by the manafacturers because this card has the ability to broadcast in a spectrum that is reserved for military use. […] However, it is not all bad news. There are those who are working on the broadcom drivers to provide a free and functional set of drivers for Free operating systems available from This driver is not in a workable state but it is in development. [1]

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2005-07-06 Gadgets

Swiss iBook keyboard for the curious:

iBook with Swiss keyboard layout

Compare with the German keyboard:

iBook with Swiss keyboard layout

In Switzerland, we don’t have ß. We write double-s instead, no exceptions.


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Nice shot. If only all the keys worked on my iBook's keyboard. :-( See:

Stefan Bucher 2005-07-06 10:51 UTC

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2005-05-23 Gadgets

Mist: Programm zum Austausch von iBook G4 und PowerBook G4 Batterien – muss ich mal zuhause überprüfen.

Yikes. Turns out my battery has to be exchanged. I ordered the new battery. They say I can send the old one back with the same envelope and prepaid postage. That’s ok for me, because I rarely use the battery for my laptop – wherever I use it in the house, there’s usually a power outlet arround.

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Irgendwie muss inzwischen jeder, der in meinem Bekanntenkreis einen tragbaren Apfel besitzt, den Akku tauschen – ich auch. :(

Wenigstens scheint das Austauschprogramm von Apple in Ordnung zu sein, man bekommt den Akku zugeschickt und muss erst nach Erhalt des neuen den alten zurückschicken. Das habe ich bei anderen Herstellern auch schon anders erlebt…

jeanpierre 2005-05-24 10:19 UTC

Ja, da hast du recht – gesetzt dass man den Akku austauschen muss, ist das Programm an sich ja komfortabel.

AlexSchroeder 2005-05-24 10:29 UTC

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2005-05-09 Gadgets

I think I need to read more about the Mac OS X Learning Curve.


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2005-05-06 Gadgets

I previously wrote about my intention to backup the iBook disk onto a bootable firewire disc. (2005-04-25 Gadgets)

I bought a 60G firewire disk, started the disk utility, partitioned it into two halves of 30G each, and then installed Psync and Carbon Copy Cloner, and proceeded as instructed on the original Nerd Vittles page.

The first time it took forever and got stuck in the end. I aborted it, tried to boot from it, but no go. I cloned it again and this time it took 35 minutes and finished correctly. Cool! Now I just have to test booting from it…

I tried several times, pressing the key – to no avail. It just kept listing my original “Macintosh HD”. Until I discovered that the combo for booting from an external drive is ⌥⇧⌘⌫ – heh, that gives me Emacs feelings! [1]


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