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  • 07:32 UTC (new) 2015-04-17 Gate . . . . Alex Schroeder The shock and awe powers, however, basically just describe the kind of total defeat you'll experience if you make the wrong choices, if you don't prepare for your battles. [en]





  • 20:35 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-04-11 Buying CDs . . . . Alex Schroeder Note to self: Silencio, "Silencio is a meditative collection of 20th-century works for string orchestra, including works by Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, and Vladimir Martynov."
  • 16:46 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-04-11 Buying CDs . . . . Alex Schroeder No, I started thinking about this on my way home. Something I definitely need to do!
  • 15:15 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-04-11 Buying CDs . . . . Sean Did you ask him?
  • 13:18 UTC (new) 2015-04-11 Buying CDs . . . . Alex Schroeder Today I was in a real, physical CD shop, browsing CDs. I looked at the albums with works by Arvo Pärth. I looked at recordings of historical organs. I wondered about ancient music by Jordi Saval. About liturgical music. And then I didn't want to ask the sales people for advice and decided I'd look… [en]



  • 19:07 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-03-10 Twenty Three Years . . . . Helmut Tolle Fotos! Das Schwarz-Weiss-Foto dürfte eines der ersten Fotos von euch beiden sein. Habe ich noch nie gesehen. Also dann, macht weiter so! [de, en]
  • 12:56 UTC (new) 2015-04-08 Notwist . . . . Alex Schroeder Any recommendations for sad music? [en]
  • 06:34 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-04-06 Mass Effect . . . . Alex Schroeder Also see the follow up discussion here. [en]
  • 06:23 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-03-25 Railroading . . . . Alex Schroeder In another Google+ discussion, Jack Gulick talked about the difference between Fate games and traditional games. In another thread, we were talking about how to avoid an unsatisfying "players save all their fate points and nova burst the final boss" issue. In this new thread, he explained where… [en]
  • 06:10 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-03-25 Railroading . . . . Alex Schroeder On Google+, I talked about this one shot using the Mass Effect Fate RPG and remembered how I decided to switch from Traveller to Fate back in 2010. I picked Diaspora as my Fate system of choice, mostly because it was shorter than Starblazer Adventures (no longer available) and I hadn't heard of… [en]


  • 19:35 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-04-06 Mass Effect . . . . Alex Schroeder Some interesting comments on Google+. Jack Gulick say, /it comes down to "if you want Fate to be a game about hard choices, force a lot of hard choices." … Don't let your other-RPGs instincts to keep things "fair" and "possible" get in the way." And Robert Hanz adds, /One of the things that's… [en]
  • 07:11 UTC (new) 2015-04-06 Mass Effect . . . . Alex Schroeder How did it go? [en]





  • 22:42 UTC (diff) Comments on Raspberry Pi als privater Email Server . . . . Michael Ach, wargs, vergiss die Frage… -m und dann den Folder angeben ist die Lösung… Ich habe heute einfach schon zu lange gebastelt:( So wie es aussieht - das wird sich erst in den nächsten Tagen zeigen - ist Deine Lösung die Mails nicht mit formail zu verteilen genau die Richtige. Danke, Danke! Jetzt… [de, en]
  • 22:34 UTC (diff) Comments on Raspberry Pi als privater Email Server . . . . Michael Hi, ich bin mit der Anleitung der ct, ergänzt um um den Pfad für Index(e), in ein Problem gerannt bei dem Dovecot offenbar die Daten nicht sauber gelesen hat. Nachdem ich (vergeblich) das Thema "Daten im NFS" (hatte sie ursprünglich auf den NAS gelegt) beackert habe, bin ich auf Deine Anleitung… [de, en]
  • 22:06 UTC (new) 2015-03-31 Garaskis . . . . Alex Schroeder So sehen meine Notizen für einen classic D&D One Shot aus. [de]




  • 22:48 UTC (new) 2015-03-25 Railroading . . . . Alex Schroeder It's weird to read just my side of the story. I did some minimal editing. I'm not sure how easy it is to read without the other G+ comments. There is a lot of repetition. [en]