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  • 13:02 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-06-21 Jessie . . . . Alex Schroeder I found a solution to the super dark console SuperUser: Zapping the PRAM. # Restart the Mac and before the grey screen appears, hold down Command + Option + P + R # Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time. # Release the keys. [en]



  • 15:56 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-09-28 Better . . . . rorschachhamster So, if I want to get digital, a single pic with 450*600 pixels, maybe even with a blue palette would be great. I just found a book on my harddrive with some art from early 19th century - So no scanning but copying and pasting… I was worried that it is a little different stylewise, but, hey Manga…… [en]
  • 12:30 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-09-28 Better . . . . Alex Schroeder Airi Ayame has been adding manga style face elements. Thank you!! :) Not yet complete, but already recognizable: -> Women's gallery by Airi!
  • 10:24 UTC (new) 2015-09-28 Better . . . . Alex Schroeder How to [en]








  • 14:01 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-09-10 Combat using Two Rows Per Side . . . . Alex Schroeder I like "roll 1 hit your buddy". That's easy enough to understand. I'm not going to use it for the moment because I don't use fumbles anywhere else. As for area effects like fireball and lightning bolt, we've usually just eyeballed it at the table. The one rule I use is that you can attack "all your… [en]
  • 13:32 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-09-10 Combat using Two Rows Per Side . . . . Rob S Hi Aleks - I like this front and bank ranks idea a lot and will be trying it out next game. I agree with your thoughts on keeping it simple for shooting into combat. However I would rule that any rolls of 1 when shooting into a melee automatically hit your ally. Players a familiar enough with the… [en]



  • 21:11 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-09-10 Combat using Two Rows Per Side . . . . Alex Schroeder That sounds like an excellent idea! The only drawback I can see is that there is a tiny extra roll to make. Surely something to come back to if I start to feel that my players are abusing the system. My current interpretation basically translates to "there is always a clear shot!" [en]
  • 20:12 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-09-10 Combat using Two Rows Per Side . . . . A. Perry Re: Firing into melee. You mentioned a percentage chance to hit a friend based on the number of combatants, but the uncertainty scared people off altogether. But what if you made the percentile roll and announced whether or not the shot is viable before they make the attack roll? That is, if… [en]