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  • 19:26 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-24 Russian Maps . . . . Alex Schroeder The situation in Russia, in the Ukraine, and all the other former Republics of the Soviet Union make me dread the coming years. I'm just hoping that nobody does something really stupid. For now, we'll just note that the US wants to send F22 fighters to Europe. [en]
  • 14:05 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-24 Russian Maps . . . . AlexDaniel So, Wikipedia was blocked for a few hours in Russia. Then they changed their mind, Wikipedia is not blacklisted anymore. But here is an interesting note. The difference between commercial and non-commercial organizations has never been as obvious. GitHub bended over and stopped displaying some of… [en]



  • 18:52 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-16 Wooden Keyboards . . . . AlexDaniel Huh? You have several layouts? I don't think that you need that. Have you tried 'de(us)' layout? It is basically all standard us keys with altgr-ed German letters – no need to have several layouts. That's what I used for a long time to type Estonian letters. In GNULinux, you can use this to try it… [en]
  • 12:46 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-16 Wooden Keyboards . . . . Alex Schroeder Bilingual writing is an additional issue. I want to write English and Swiss German. I can more or less switch between US American, German, and Swiss German layouts, with some intermittent swearing. We'll see. [en]


  • 22:27 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-16 Wooden Keyboards . . . . AlexDaniel Well, it depends. I'd say that it is a bit too late. There are so many other things that you can improve without too much of the effort. For example: move arrows, home&end, backspace, delete and enter to altgr+key level. Get a foot pedal and use it as altgr. Relearning a couple of keys is not… [en]
  • 20:56 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-16 Wooden Keyboards . . . . Alex Schroeder This is going to be interesting. Let's hope it all works out for you! I think fixing "all other activities besides typing" is also a worthy goal. :) My interest in keyboards these days is no longer driven by my fear of pain, and that's great. I might give Dvorak a try. :) [en]
  • 15:31 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-08-16 Wooden Keyboards . . . . AlexDaniel I'd say “get foot pedals”. As weird as it sounds, but I see no reason for that not to work. Here is my fight with RSI: (please note that I started it before I actually got RSI, I knew that it would happen one day) * Switched to Dvorak keyboard layout * Created my own keyboard layout that moves… [en]



  • 08:51 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-07-30 Hayao Miyazaki . . . . Alex Schroeder Bald muss ich eine weitere Seite zum Thema schreiben. Nur kurz: From up on Poppy Hill und Whisper of the Heart kommen gänzlich ohne fantastische Elemente aus und sind herzerwärmende Teenager Liebesgeschichten, die mir sehr gefallen haben. [de]




  • 21:14 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-09 Carpe Diem . . . . Alex Schroeder Current status: -> MRI (en) and -> PET-CT (en) from yesterday indicate no metastases. The lymph nodes are not affected. This is excellent news. The tumor was marked today. And finally, the week-end. We're feeling much better than last week! [de, en]



  • 18:04 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-08-09 Carpe Diem . . . . AlexSchroeder Timeline: Samstag 1. August hat Claudia einen Knoten entdeckt. Am Montag 3. August ins Brust-Zentrum. Mammographie, Ultraschall, Bestätigung des Verdachtes und Biopsie. Am Donnerstag 6. August der Bericht: aggressiv, triple negativ. Am Montag 10. August trifft sich das Tumor Board und heute… [de]
  • 05:42 UTC (diff) List of Open Books . . . . Rene Made new suggestions: To kill a mocking bird / Go set a watchman added support for existing suggestions. [en]
  • 04:46 UTC (new) 2015-08-11 Security Breach . . . . Alex Schroeder Ouch, that hurts. [en]



  • 14:52 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-07-30 Hayao Miyazaki . . . . Alex Schroeder Der Manga ist mir nun schon mehrmals empfohlen worden. Den werde ich mir mal organisieren! Danke für den Tipp. Prinzessin Mononoke habe ich schon zwei Mal gesehen und hat mir sehr gefallen. Ist mal für Sonntag den 16. vorgesehen. :) [de]


  • 14:25 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-07-30 Hayao Miyazaki . . . . Dirk R. Das Schloss des Cagliostro ist wohl einer von Steven Spielbergs Lieblingsfimen. Mit dem Film Nausicaä bin ich nicht warmgeworden. Aber das lag daran, dass ich den Manga vorher gelesen hatte. Hayao Miyazakis Nausicaä aus dem Tal der Winde (Carlsen) ist eine epische Fantasy-Saga, deren organische… [de]