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  • 16:27 UTC (diff) List of Open Books . . . . Leon added book suggestion [en]
  • 13:15 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-07-01 Mass Effect RPG . . . . AlexSchroeder I'll definitely have to think about it some more. There are also a ton more counter arguments to my post on the G+ thread. What I need to understand is why fan art collecting other fan art should be considered different from the fan art it collects. I want to figure out what the exact arguments are… [en]
  • 12:34 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-07-01 Mass Effect RPG . . . . Damian I believe you are making some incorrect assumptions. The Fan Art itself is also copyright - even though it might also at the same time violate someone elses copyright. All creative works are copyright by default unless the author has published them explicitly without copyright or with a limited… [en]
  • 09:36 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-07-01 Mass Effect RPG . . . . Alex Schroeder I'm copying some of my comments from that Google+ thread to this page. Internationally: Since I live in Switzerland, I am very well aware of the different copyright exceptions in different jurisdictions. I wrote the blog post using US Fair Use because that seemed to me to be the most relevant: the… [en]
  • 08:54 UTC (diff) List of Open Books . . . . [en]








  • 22:09 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-06-22 On Background Music . . . . AlexDaniel *Thinking Allowed – what a name! But the problem I am having with podcasts is that I cannot concentrate on anything if something interesting is happening in the background. That is, any background noise does *not allow me to *think about my stuff. So, to me podcasts are not “Background Music“, more… [en]






  • 08:00 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . Alex Schroeder It's also cool to look at the TinyWiki source code again and rediscover why I rewrote the Usemod Wiki style search and replace code with the extensible state machine code we have right now. [en]
  • 06:02 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . Alex Schroeder Hehe, I think you and Oddmuse: Revolutionary Changes is what started this all! I looked at Oddmuse as a "mission accomplished" project. With the migration of Emacs Wiki I've realized that a big site might want to serve its own pages without running a web server. I tried to understand PSGI/Plack in… [en]
  • 00:31 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . AlexDaniel And yeah, if you are seriously thinking about Go, what if we make a comparison table with Perl6 and Go, and the relevant language features? Both of the languages have some interesting stuff to offer, for example [Perl6 to JS] and [Go to JS]. And there are definitely some Go winning points,… [en]
  • 00:22 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . AlexDaniel These are very good questions. Maybe you should write down these ideas on http:/oddmuse.orgwiki/RevolutionaryChanges. * "git first" – Yea, but… This would effectively break the goal of having one script file that just works (and I think that this is more important than having no recent changes and… [en]



  • 16:49 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . Alex Schroeder Perhaps Go just makes me want to delve into the low level stuff. Here's a post about Handwritten Parsers & Lexers in Go. [en]
  • 14:05 UTC (new) Comments on 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . AlexDaniel Perl 6 is an obvious candidate. And yes, they did not just change *print 'x' to *print('x') like they did in Python, it is a completely new language that you have to learn. Speaking of Go, there is a great video called "Perl 6 for Mere Mortals", and here is a direct link to a part of it which is… [en]
  • 10:25 UTC (new) 2015-06-14 Go Oddmuse . . . . Alex Schroeder Using the Go language?






  • 07:18 UTC (diff) Comments on 2015-05-14 Podcasts . . . . Alex Schroeder Was ich im Moment sonst noch so höre: * The First World War in 261 weeks (261 biographische Vignetten zum Thema 1. Weltkrieg) * The Moby-Dick Big Read (Hörbuch mit unterschiedlichen Lesern pro Kapitel) * 99% Invisible (Design, Architektur und andere unsichtbare Einflüsse auf unser Leben) * Planet… [de]