2009-06-09 Fundamentalists in the USA

I know the Godless Paladin blog is full of angry ranting against religious fundamentalists, but being an atheist myself, I find myself enjoying them quite a bit. I’m not up to date when it comes to religious nutcases in the USA, but when I read some of the information gathered in the Huckabee-Palin 2012 god’s ticket blog post about current politicians, it gives me the shivers. Here I was enjoying the fruits of the Renaissance, living in an Age of Enlightenment, and suddenly I see the dark hydra of ignorance rear its ugly head.



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2006-10-05 Christian Fundamentalism

TelePolis writes about Christian fanatics [1], based on the movie Jesus Camp.

Take a look at the pictures and videos.



The 2nd video has a short interview sequence that basically says it all: The goal is to produce stupid fanatics just like they do. Which brings me back to my favorite Christa Wolf quote: “What’s the use in fighting a war if you have to take on the traits of your enemies in order to win?”

I mentioned that before, of course. 2004-10-03 USA, 2004-05-14 Israel, 2005-12-08 England Torture, 2004-07-02 Iraq.

Oh and unfortunately, this phenomenon is not only limited to the nation with “the most powerful military in the world” but Europe has its share as well: Jesus Revolution, for example.


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