2008-07-18 Twitter No More

I’m so happy with as a micro-blogging solution that I’ll probably stop updating my Twitter account @kensanata. is better because of two things:

  1. Franklin Street Statement – “network services that are Free Software and which share Free Data as a good starting-point for ensuring users’ freedom”
  2. working IM → service gateway and back ;)

→ @kensanata points to my account!


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2008-04-04 Skype and Adium

Weird. I just discovered a Skype API Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium. It doesn’t really speak Skype: It requires Skype to be running in order to interface with it, apparently. Not quite what I was looking for, but I might give it a try anyway…

Update: I deinstalled it again because it required Skype to be running, and because chatting in Adium generated a duplicate chat window in Skype with the exact same content. I think I’d rather not use Skype on the Mac Mini where I don’t have a headset anyway!


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