2009-07-30 No New Monitor

Today I found a new monitor in the cellar. Our neighbours like to dump their trash, there. I found the monitor next to a big electronic organ. I decided to take the monitor upstairs and try it out.

I’ve been using a 15” Acer AL511 with a resolution of 1024 × 768 @ 75 Hz for years, now. The new monitor was an Iiyama ProLite PLC1900WTV that promised up to 1440 × 900 @ 60 Hz – a 16:10 display!

I’ve fiddled with the settings for hours, but I was unable to get it right. The cursed Mac Mini I have running Mac OS 10.4 and using a DVI-VGA adaptor was unwilling to identify the monitor, much less acknoledge that it was a wide-screen monitor. It just kept looking ugly and distorted. I was able to switch to 1280 × 1024 and other resolutions, but it kept looking bad.

I’ve finally decided to return to my tiny old monitor. Being the kind of twitterati I am, I feel tempted to add #fail!


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